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your tomorrow

Welcome to Conant Institute

Welcome to the abode of life skills. Life skills implement new methodology of training. Life skills training has attained a new benchmark with soft skill lessons, involvement in sports, maintaining performance diary, self love, event participation, etc. Your introductory session of life skills help you realize your developmental areas and focus on them. You learn to keep realistic goals and attain each of them successfully. It is better to take small steps than to take a big leap. Life skills teach you to focus only on those things that you need to attain. Why worry about everything around yourself and invite tension?

Hold out your arms and grab the bowline of success.

Drive away all forces of negativity and propel your life with positive vibes.

When you are equipped with the teachings of Life Skills, you can deal with different kinds of people, understand your professional environment, adapt to various situations and influence those around you. Grasp the powers that life skill offers you and find success at your doorstep.

The Ray of Hope

The world around is clawing at you with evils like stress, depression, negative emotion, drug abuse, etc. You feel lost and whether-beaten. It feels great when someone sows the seed of motivation. If you have lost all hope to live, do not worry because if you want, every dark cloud can have a silver lining. Life skills help you in finding renewed purpose in life.

Dr. Laskar has always stressed the need of common sense and value oriented education that helps in achieving your ultimate goal in any worthy assignment. Through programs, seminars and discourses on real life experiences classroom experience at Conant Institute is always lively.

The Ten Core Life Skills you Should Embrace

May be life has endowed you with a plethora of sad experiences. It’s time you turn back. Life skills prepare you to face life as it comes. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to - make decisions on your own? Differentiate between right and wrong? Have amiable relationship with everyone around? Have confidence about what you can do and last but not the least communicate effectively?

Critical thinking, empathy, good relationship with people around, creative thinking, solving problems, capability to make decisions, handling stress, handling emotions, Self awareness of and effective communication skills is a list of the ten core life skills that frame your personality.

Life Skills teach you to be Strong

Just like water nourishes a sapling into a fully grown tree, life skills act as nourishment that motivates you to face the challenges of life. The art of life skills teach you to overcome all hurdles and emerge a winner, as Dr.Athiqul H. Laskar believes in the saying, “feel strong and stay motivated all your life.”

Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar

Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar is a renowned name in the arena of life skills. For the past forty four years, he has trained people across the globe and predominantly in north east India. He is a motivational speaker and Trainer of Life Skills & Soft Skills. Even when he was in USA, he spearheaded the foundation of Conant Institute in India. Through life skills training, he presents his knowledge and experience among the teeming millions of the country. In his endeavor to impart confidence and knowledge, he has full support from a bevy of successful as well as motivated women and men.

Seize the opportunity before it rushes past.


Conant Institute :

Building your Tomorrow Conant Institute is a complete training centre where stress is placed on comprehensive development of character and skill. Here, candidates are made to attend lessons in motivational training, personality development and career counselling based on academic qualification.

Please contact: GLOBAL COUNSELLING & CONSULTING CENTRE" for students of all schools, colleges, and other academic centers"

Contact Dr. Athiqul H Laskar
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