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Effective Communication Life Skill

Effective Communication Life Skill

Effective communication is an important life skill that takes you ahead in life. The training you get at each class alters your perspective.

Meaning of Effective Communication

Effective communication is referred to as the barter of facts and news among people. This exchange is conducted by means of writing, speaking or explaining through signs. Homo sapiens are social animals. Communication forms an integral part of human life.

Communication Skills Required in Working Environment

An attitude to help others in problem

The habit of talking, smiling and being friendly with colleagues

Sound idea about product or service you are providing

Ability to make perfect utilization of body language

Being courteous; remember, it is not your home

Readiness to listen

Appropriate skills to handle issues

Some Specimens of Written Communication





Handwritten notes


The biggest problem with written communication is that many a time we fail to be specific and thus, end up confusing the reader. Written communication should always be specific and short.

Components of Effective Communication

Body language, which is a non- verbal skill

Talking, which is a verbal skill

Listening skills

Types of Communication

Communication can be of four major types

# Passive

You, as a communicator say that your own rights do not count, but the rights of others have importance. You state that you lose and the other professional wins.

# Assertive

You state that both you and your colleague have equal rights. Both are in a win-win situation.

# Aggressive

You express the fact that your own rights count and your colleague’s don’t. It is a situation where you win and your colleague loses.

# Passive- Aggressive

You tell your colleague that the rights of none of you are important. So, both you and the other professional are at the losing end.

Hindrance to Effective Communication

You may be an excellent communicator. But, you may encounter a situation when you might have to improve your communication skills.

Mentioned below are the communication barriers that arise when speaking, expressing through body language or even listening

Absence of constancy in the procedure of communication

Messages are not clear

Incomplete sentences

Unclear pronunciation

Lack of eye contact

Some Positive Communication Gestures
# Making eye contact with listeners

Unless you look at the listeners in a meeting, they will not realize the importance of the words you are telling. They will spend time doing everything, but look at you. Eye contact keeps everyone attentive. Your colleagues in the meeting do not want to get distracted when they know you are looking at them and expect them to look back at you. Eye contact shows how much interested you are in the conversation.

# Shaking hands

When introducing yourself to a new member in your team or a new manager, always extend your hands for shaking. It shows that you are approachable and flexible. No one wants to talk to a person with rigid personality.

# Smiling at the listeners

Smiling is not just good for heath, it brings smile on the face of the listener. If you don’t smile when talking, your peers, seniors or juniors might get the impression that you do not like them or are not interested in the conversation.

# Positioning of hands and legs

Body language has a great impact on the mind of your colleague when you are speaking to him or her. For example, hands in front show that you are not ready for a conversation. On the other hand, when you have open arms or keep them beside you in a relaxed way, it shows that you are ready for a conversation. Again, while standing if you have bent legs, it shows that you are relaxed and approachable.

# Voice Modulation

Voice modulation is important when you are talking to someone. If you speak in the same tone when scolding, praising, telling something happy or telling something sad, people will soon lose interest. So, modulate your voice as per the situation at hand.

An Example Clears all Doubts

I can recollect an incident when I had gone to inspect a communication class in Mumbai. The trainer was taking a class. I had gone to see how far the class had gone. The moment the students noticed that I was standing outside the door, they all stared at me. Not a single student had his or her eyes on the blackboard. After that class was over, I entered and told her that I would monitor her next class. When the next class started, I noticed that the trainer was busy writing on the blackboard. She was hardly trying to make eye contact with the students. Even if she saw one of them looking outside, she did not bother to draw his or her attention.

When speaking to her students, she was not smiling at all. Some of the students who were little poor in the subject, actually looked intimidated. Whenever any student tried to make a query she told them that she would discuss them at the end of the class. Their interest in the topic was soon waning, as they did not understand anything. Another thing I noticed in her training style was that she maintained the same tone throughout the class. As a result, students could not differentiate between the meanings of separate sentences that she was uttering. After her class was over, I had to provide her feedback. I corrected the mistakes she had done, gave her scores and told her that the next month I would check on her again.

When I visited the next month for inspection, I again sat in her class. This time I noticed, she had improved a lot. The attitude of the students had changed along with her style of teaching. They looked more attentive, more interested, more at ease with her and when I asked them questions related to the topic, they could answer.

He Who Brought Light to Dark Alleys

Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar (www.lifeskillsathiqul.com) has helped thousands of students all over the world and in North East India to develop effective communication skills. He founded the Conant Institute and lifeskillsathiqul.com, so that more and more students could illuminate their future with the power of effective communication. If you know anyone who is failing due to the lack of effective communication skills, Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar is the person to approach.

Communicate with effect and watch your career soar high.

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