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Empathy Life Skill

The training for nurturing empathy gains momentum through teamwork, intolerance towards social comparison, thorough understanding of each other’s personality and monitoring the reaction of students to the problems of others. Your very first session assists you in realizing how far life has dragged you away from the beautiful soul you had. Discussing situations, in which you failed to react positively, does this. It does not matter how much you do, but what you do is of significance. As the founder of Conant Institute, India; I believe that empathy is the attitude that takes you further in life.

The Meaning of Empathy

Empathy is one of the core life skills that help you in living a successful life.

Empathy is the capability to envision the life of another individual even in conditions about which we are not familiar. This particular life skill assists us in understanding and accepting people who are not like us. This approach leads to enhance social interactions. For instance, by accepting people of diverse ethnic background you can sow the seeds of communal harmony. When you empathize, you care for people in trouble.

Do unto others, as you want others do unto you.

When you are powered by the quality of empathy you can win hearts of friends, family members and colleagues. You can become the harbinger of tolerance, love, and emotional attachment and impress the world. Grab the opportunity that life has presented in the form of Life Skills and bask in the glory of prosperity.

Difference between Empathy and Sympathy

Empathy is often confused with sympathy. However, the two are not the same.


Oxford Dictionary defines sympathy as the feeling of sorrow or pity for the misfortunes of another person. The condolences offered to the sufferer forms part of the sympathizing process.


On the other hand empathy is the capability to put oneself in the shoes of the sufferer. However, when you empathize you should not take the problem of the misfortune on your own shoulders.

Empathy can Move People

Let me cite an incident that took place many years ago in Kolkata, erstwhile Calcutta capital of West Bengal, India. That day is etched in my mind as if it happened only yesterday. It was a busy part of the town and I was waiting for a bus to take me to Howrah Station. Not very far from me, was a man begging in the corner of the street. I had some dry food, which I gave him. He had tattered clothes, unkempt hair and an overall dirty look. Some people threw a coin or two into his bowl, but most preferred to ignore him. It was a shopping area and just before Durga Puja. Everyone was busy making his or her purchase.

An elderly man with a stick came by and saw the plight of the beggar. He looked at him for some time and then started railing in anger. He wondered loudly enough for everyone to hear, if humanity was coming to an end. He went on to say that while people were busy spending their money on materialistic things, no one had time to look at the man in the corner of the street.

Thanks to his angry expression, people in the area, took interest on the beggar. In a matter of a few minutes, the place before the beggar was heaped with food, money and clothes. However, the words of the old man had hit the souls of the buyers like an arrow. Most of them were too shame-faced for their indifferent attitude. They left for their homes. It was empathetic nature of the old man that moved so many people together.

Let’s Anticipate a Better Future

School curriculums are increasingly stressing on measurable success. You must have seen the next-door ten years old doubled up under the pressure of a heavy bag. No one tries to understand his plight. Memorizing and sitting for tests are the usual to-dos in the modern school atmosphere. Things have gone to such degrees where emotional intelligence and feelings are at odds with academic success. You wonder if he will ever be able to feel for others.

A trying future seems to await us. But, worry not. When there is a will there has to be a way. Empathy, one of the strongest arms of life skills is here to allay your worries and fears.

Empathy makes you Liked by Others

Being able to help others gains you supporters and friends in your professional environment. Would it not be wonderful to - have colleagues who are friends and would do their best for your good? To be surrounded by people who wish you well?

Empathy is like a boomerang. When you empathize with others, they return it back. It teaches you to tolerate differences of heart, mind, culture, practices, etc and become the best among equals. Would you like it if people become judgmental about you, your activities and disagree with you? Strengthen yourself to fight hatred and the urge to pick at people. The stronger you are, the more immune you become to the evils of society.

Can you imagine where the world would go without this serene, yet strong weapon? War, strife and hatred would be an everyday matter. When you put yourself into another person’s shoes, you get a detailed cognizance of the problems faced by that person. It does not require mentioning that the world cannot exist without empathetic feelings. When you are equipped with the powerful tool of empathy, you strengthen bonds.

Magic Flows from Him

Dr. Athiqul H. Lascar (www.lifeskillsathiqul.com) realizes the importance of empathy to adapt to the ever-changing lifestyle. He wants his students to learn the nitty-gritty of empathy and impress their surroundings to do so. A life skills trainer and motivational speaker, he has had a resonating effect on the minds of the youth. He has concentrated his work in northeast India and has magically transformed the youth of the region.

Don’t think for long. Grasp the chance to enjoy a progressive life ahead.

Conant Institute :

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