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Interpersonal Relationship Life Skill

With interpersonal relationship skills you can emerge as an influential and much liked personality at workplace.

Meaning of Interpersonal Relationship

Interpersonal relationship skills are abilities that help you realize your relations with other people, so that you can connect with them in an affirmative manner. It assists you to uphold relationship with family and friends. These two are important sources of social support. Interpersonal relationship is also helpful in building and constructively ending workplace relationships. Amiable relationships are helpful in maintaining both social and mental well being.

Interpersonal Relationship Skills

It is important that a healthy relationship grows among you and your co-workers. Mentioned below are some of the qualities that a professional needs to nurture for proper interpersonal relationship with her colleagues.

# Respect for co-workers

Do not misbehave with your colleagues. It is unprofessional to do so. At the workplace you should always behave in a desirable way. Remember that your unprofessional mannerisms may bring you under bad light. If you are rude with your colleagues, they will have a negative impression about your upbringing and educational background. Whatever might be the rank of a professional in the company, you should politely deal with all of them. Never utter a word that you yourself would not like to hear. Abusive words and slangs are better to avoid.

# Be positive

Try not to crib over minor things at workplace. No one and nothing on this planet is impeccable. Do not find faults with what others do. Nurture an atmosphere of positivity and smile at your workplace.

# Effective communication skills

A professional requires having efficient communication skills. They have to communicate both orally and by writing. You have to be careful about the tone of your voice. Be careful not to shout or shriek at the workplace. Again, you should not talk in whispers. Being too loud signifies rudeness and speaking very softly demonstrates your dearth of interest in the other person. Most of the communication should be conducted through e-mail, because it is more reliable than the verbal way of conversation.

# Make your colleagues feel significant

Your colleagues should not feel left out. You should care for them. If they have helped you out in anyway, remember to be grateful. If your subordinates perform well, appreciate their contribution in front of everyone. It is better not to feel jealous of others’ success. It eats into relationships. Wish them on their birthdays, anniversaries and success. Remember that you spend most of your waking hours at your workplace.

# Help out your co-workers when they are in need

Listen to the problems faced by your co-workers. If possible, help them out in every way possible. If you notice that they are not in form, empathize with their problem to understand what you would have done in their position. This also helps in strengthening relationships and avoiding pointless conflict.

# Listen patiently

Listen to what your colleague is saying. You need to understand her perspective before coming to a conclusion. If you hold wrong opinion about people, it can lead to undesirable conflict and misunderstanding in professional relationship.

# Be honest

If you notice any of your co-workers acting the wrong way, tell her. Do not spread rumors about the person who is doing wrong. Unnecessary rumor spreading is unethical because it creates gap in relationship and converts friends into enemies.

# Do not bring personal problems to office

Just the way you should not carry work issues to home, in the same way, home issues are better left at their place. Shouting at a subordinate or colleague just because your personal life is in turmoil is not the right approach. Keep control on your emotions.

# Be trustworthy

Do not spread secrets told to you among others. It takes away your credibility. A time may come when no one believes in you and does not trust you. Keep things to yourself and your peers will respect you.

# Be good to everyone

Your peers and subordinates should not call you a dictator. Inspire people around you to work as professionals as well as be good human beings.

A Specimen says it All

As a life skills trainer I travel around the world. In one of these sessions, I met a man who used to be a manager at the company he worked, but was sacked because of unprofessional behavior. He told me that he wanted to be trained in interpersonal relationship. When I asked him what exactly the reason was, he stated that his peers and subordinates found him rude, insulting, grumpy, unsupportive, impatient and annoying. In fact, he himself confessed being like that. He also said that he used to gossip about one team member to another. All these factors lead to one complain after another against him. Finally, the management decided to fire him. When he tried to search for a new job, he had no answer behind the reason for leaving his erstwhile company. Even if he somehow got through the initial rounds of interview; a background check was conducted and he was back at square one.

I asked him to behave well with everyone around him and apologize to each and every person he had insulted or harmed in some way or the other. He listened to my words and called up his former colleagues to apologize. He even visited some of them in their homes. Later he called me up to say that he was surprised to see the camaraderie with which people spoke to him. He felt very ashamed for his attitude. A week after our conversation, he came to the life skills training centre to meet me. He looked very excited and happy. On asking the reason behind his happiness, he told me that his former company had revoked the order of firing him. They had asked him to join from the next month. I was very happy on listening to this. He thanked me several times. This was a very proud moment for me.

The Jet of Power that Inspires

In Assam, India there is a saying that when God decided to change the world, he sent a messenger in the form of Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar (www.lifeskillsathiqul.com). He has helped many students lead a prosperous life by his impressive words. More than twenty five thousand students all over the world and in North East India have been benefitted by his teachings. The Conant Institute in Assam, India is his brainchild. Get inspired by interpersonal relationship training and watch your career soar high.

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