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your tomorrow

Leadership Life Skill

Leadership is the ship that carries your future on its shoulders. The training of leadership that you receive makes your actions effective. You are liked by your subordinates who love to follow your principles. The training of leadership brings out the skipper in all of you. It uses modern techniques to equip you with the power of influencing and monitoring the activities of your colleagues. As a leader you can change your surroundings for the good.

Meaning of a Leader

A leader is an individual who influences others to go with her or his thoughts. She or he mentors her or his team members. She or he inspires others by her ideas, visions, objectives, etc and wants team members to follow certain rules to reach those goals and ideas. A leader not only inspires followers, but also develops them by teaching them how to do a job. She or he is also responsible to overcome challenges and make things smooth for her or his team members.

A leader accomplishes work by directing people in such a way that she or he wins confidence and cooperation of her followers. In most cases leadership is linked to a particular school of thought. Effective leaders keep evolving from time to time. They indulge themselves in extensive studying and emerge as great influencers.


Philosophy is an integral part of any leadership. Every leadership is based on a philosophy. This ideology sometimes manifests itself and at other times, is invisible.


What or how leaders communicate to their team members can either harm their relationship and performance or even build them.

Leaders can be categorized into the following.

Religious leaders

Political leaders

Social leaders

Workplace leaders

You have to understand that leaders are not born, they are made. We can come across leaders in our day to day lives. Mentioned below are some of the examples.

Class monitor

School captain


School principal


Attributes of Authoritarian Leaders

These leaders base their leadership on more work and concentrate low on relationships.

Such leaders are autocratic and task-oriented.

They are very particular about maintaining work schedule.

They are very particular about time.

Authoritarian leaders expect people to do what they are told without debate.

They lead by inculcating a positive environment. Authoritarian leaders create an atmosphere where each and every team member evolves as a performer and also as an individual.

They encourage team members to reach objectives of the team.

Attributes of Team Leaders

These leaders prefer to encourage their team as a whole and use reward to encourage them.

Sometimes, they use their power to maintain discipline.

However, they hardly resort to coercive actions like, threat or force. They believe in maintaining amiable relationships with team members and thus, avoid jeopardizing this relationship by using indiscriminate power.

Attributes of Weak Leaders

This category of leaders implements the delegate and disappear style of leadership.

They are not committed to either maintenance of relationship or accomplishment of tasks.

They generally permit their team members to do whatever they want and like to detach themselves from the entire operation.

This approach of delegating and then disappearing from the scene results in the emergence of power struggle, which gets uncontrollable over a period of time.

Most Effective Style

The best form of leadership is team leader. She or he is more effective than an authoritarian leader.

However, that does not mean that an autocratic or weak leader should be dismissed completely.

At certain times, the other two categories might also come in hand. For instance, if you play the weak leader on purpose, you can infuse self-confidence in them. Again, an autocratic or authoritarian leader instills discipline among his followers.

By carefully assessing the situation and the forces that affect it, you can decide which approach can prove to be the most effective.

Most Effective Style


Good observer

Optimistic/Positive attitude









A keen sense of justice and fairness

A pleasing personality


Openness to change


Attitude to direct action towards a mission

Sense of social responsibility

Becoming a Good Leader

A good leader is made by a never- ending method of

Self- study

Training and experience

Responsibilities of an Effective Leader

She or he should instruct followers or team members in an appropriate manner. This means that the leader should speak to them in a manner that is not bossy.

The leader should encourage initiative among her or his team members and allow them to contribute significantly.

Keep team members in the loop.

Communicate with team members, seniors and other important people in the organization.

Inculcate sense of responsibility among team members in order that they can carry out their professional responsibilities.

Ensure supervision and accomplishment of tasks.

Recognize the effort of good performers

Well-versed in her or his domain

The leader should use effective problem solving, decision-making, and planning tools.

The leader should be a good assessor of human characters.

Reasons for Leadership Failure

Lack of decision-making ability

Lack of effective communication

Poor interpersonal relationships

Lack of optimum use of available resources

Non-supportive attitude

Lack of imagination



Non-cooperative approach

Lack of persistence – good starter but poor finisher

Lack of well-defined purpose


Lack of time management

The Man with the Magic Wand

The brains behind Conant Institute, India; Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar (www.lifeskillsathiqul.com) is a sorcerer who has taken the responsibility of altering the way people are treated. He believes that if leaders have the right setup of mind, they can indeed make a difference. He has disbursed the seeds of life skills and effective leadership skills in the whole world and also in North East India. Be a leader and live life in your own terms.

Conant Institute :

Building your Tomorrow Conant Institute is a complete training centre where stress is placed on comprehensive development of character and skill. Here, candidates are made to attend lessons in motivational training, personality development and career counselling based on academic qualification.

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