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Decision Making Life Skill

Decision-making is the capacity to come to a conclusion that decides your future. With changing needs and circumstances, training for decision making has reached a new high. By understanding the different types of decision-making, you can equip yourself with one of the most important tools of life skills.

The Meaning of Decision Making

Decision-making can be called the thinking process that helps in making a logical choice from the options at hand. Whenever, you are trying to make an important decision you tend to weigh the good and bad sides of each and every choice. You should also be able to predict a tentative result, based on which you can choose the best option and effectively make a decision. Decision-making is always followed by a final choice.

According to WHO,

“Decision making helps us to deal constructively with decisions about outlives. A good decision would be one whose outcome would be positive or beneficial.”

Making a Decision

Others sometimes take by us and decisions regarding our lives sometimes. A small child does not have the liberty to decide what is good for him or her. It has to wait for an older person to decide. There are times when we go for in sudden decision making. This is sometimes a voluntary process and we are forced to make hasty decisions. It is always suggested that unless necessary, you should not make sudden decisions or jump to conclusions.

How I Faced Challenge

Even when you are thrown into a situation where you have to make a sudden decision, you need to think through the pros and cons of the final result. Let me cite an example from my personal life.

This dates back to my Grenada war days. A huge fleet of truck was standing. Most of them were carrying fuel. Suddenly, fire broke out in one of the trucks. It engulfed the truck standing beside it.

When the accident happened, we were all shocked for a second or two. I realized that staring at the burning trucks would do no good. We would lose costly fuel and precious lives. I wanted to go and drive away the nearest truck, but fear was withholding me. Then, I thought, if I go ahead and drive the truck from where it was standing, I might lose my life. But, if I stayed put where I was, I would never be able to forgive myself for the loss of lives I could have stopped.

Finally, good sense prevailed and after a quick weighing of the pros and cons, I strategically made my way towards the truck closest to the fire. I carefully mounted it and drove it away. My fellow soldiers had by then started watering the trucks and after some moments the fire died down. This act won me the flag of America and a medal as an award.

You must have realized, why I narrated this incident. Yes, I was proud when I was honored with the medal and the flag, but I was also happy that I could make a strategic decision at a crucial moment. I weighed the odds and finally came to the conclusion of driving the truck. Most importantly, I had to decide suddenly.

The Importance of Final Outcome and Removing Uncertainty

Decision-making does not always involve problem solving. It can be any kind of decision that requires you to choose from a list of options.

Coming to a final decision is a necessary part of our lives. As adults, we have to frequently make decisions. Decisions regarding marriage, leadership, studies, jobs, businesses, etc shape our lives. It is essential that we think before taking the final leap. However, be careful not to take infinite period of time. The final choice is picked from a vast array of alternatives, information and preferences available during decision-making.

The biggest challenge about coming to a decision is uncertainty. Removing this uncertainty is the major motive of decision-making.

Various Forms of Decision Making

Reversible decision can be altered entirely prior to the beginning of agreed actions, while the action is going on or even after the action starts.

You can acknowledge an error in the very beginning instead of continuing it.

It can be utilized when you see the circumstances may alter.


Once a decision is made, you cannot undo it. An instance of irreversible decision is an agreement to sell or purchase a plot of land.

It should never be utilized as an instant way out from general indecision.


This kind of approach is taken when there is knowledge that the plan can be changed according to the course of action.

You can adjust and accommodate plans constantly before the final commitment.

Implements negative and affirmative feedback prior to continuing a certain course of action.


Experimental decisions are not final until the initial results prove themselves to be worthwhile.

This kind of decision-making needs affirmative feedback before you can come to a course of action.

This category is effective and useful when the proper move is unclear but actual direction of action is not known.


This type of decision makes way for issues and contingencies that may come up later.

It may restrict the risk associated with decision-making, but at the same time may restrict the final achievement.

Permits you to bring off assignments that appear too risky in the initial instance.

It prepares you to react if the competition enters a new phase or if the game plan alters drastically.

It makes you capable to act quickly to constantly modifying circumstances.

Made in stages

After the first step of action, further decision follows as each and every stage of action is completed.

Permit close monitoring of risks as you can accumulate proof of results. You can also get evidence of obstacles at each and every phase.

Allows feedback and more decision prior to the next stage of decision-making.

The Miracle Man

Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar (www.lifeskillsathiqul.com) has motivated students all over the world to make appropriate decisions. He is the founder of Conant Institute, India. He had a dream to inculcate a flourishing lifestyle among the future generations of the country, especially in North East India. If you are confused about the decision you should make, attend classes conducted by Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar.

Make your own decisions and bask in the glory of a promising life.

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