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your tomorrow

Positive Attitude Life Skill

Positive attitude has the potential to influence every thing in your life. If you follow a positive approach to life, your steps to success will be easier to tread. A positive mind enhances both physical and mental health.

Meaning of Positive Attitude

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, an attitude is a state of mind in relation to a fact. It is an emotion or feeling in regard to a state or fact. The meaning of the word ‘positive’ indicates something with a favorable effect and distinctly optimistic. Thus, when you are said to have positive attitude you demonstrate optimism and expect

The dictionary goes on to state that the word "positive" can be used as possessing a good effect and is marked by optimism. When you demonstrate a positive attitude, therefore, you are optimistic and expect constructive outcomes.

Getting a Positive Attitude
# Opt for happiness

Being happy is a decision you make. It is not an external occurrence or does not depend on circumstances.

# Be grateful

If you express your gratitude, your entire outlook can change. It is a manifestation of an optimistic mindset. Interestingly, gratefulness leads to a positive feeling. The more you are grateful for the things in your life, the less you tend to worry about the things you do not possess. This results in an expanded sense of happiness.

# See life as a journey

Consider life as a journey. If you think that life is a destination, you will keep feeling depressed for the things you have not been able to achieve. On the other hand if you treat life as a journey, you will not be scared of the changes in life. In fact, you become ready to experience new aspects of life.

# Consider problems as challenges

Whenever you face problems, try to solve it. Funnel your energy into repairing the mistake. When you look at experiences and problems as a new opportunity, you tend to possess a positive attitude.

# Start your day positively

Begin your day with positive thoughts about what you are going to do. Stay in connection with people or things that keep you happy. Instead of getting stuck at negative feelings, look forward to the good things that you will enjoy. Carry the affirmative feeling in your heart and use it even in serious times. Allow positive vibes to nurture you the whole day.

# Stop and appreciate beautiful things

When you constantly experience a hectic lifestyle, it becomes difficult to come up with an optimistic viewpoint. If you make out little time to enjoy the simple pleasures, you can balance your life. By stepping back to appreciate a flower or taste of a food, you actually take part in the simple joys of life.

# Act happy

If you act like a happy person, your mind accepts that as the truth. Thus, if you make a conscious effort to do something, your feelings soon follow suit. Your personal perception takes clue from the way you act and considers that to be the reality.

# Be aware

Look for the positive side of everything rather than investigating the negative aspects. Make it a habit to look at the good things around you. They may be invisible to common notice, but try to observe them. When you find out the good things around you, your attention automatically gets distracted from negative sides of life.

# Express your gratitude every night

Yes, it might sound childlike, but it is an effective way to feel good. Thanking the people or the incidents that made your day is important if you want to be imbibed with positive attitude. Choose minimum ten things you are grateful for and feel the joy that these things bring to your life. This practice helps you sleep comfortably. As a result you get a good night’s sleep and wake up with good thoughts.

# Be surrounded with positive-minded people

Hang out with people who reflect positive attitude. Such a company boosts your sense of optimism. Stay with cheerful people and be motivated by their positivity.

# Stay away from negative-minded people

Stop staying with negative minded people who find faults with everything and everybody. Free yourself from this negative impact and change your life. A life without the daily spell of despair is so much easy to live.

I Illustrate with an Example

When I was in college I had a friend who used to stay gloomy throughout the day. Her name was Asha. One day I had asked her why she used to stay so sad and serious all the time. She had no answer to my question.

I decided to do some investigation. I noticed that she used to hang around with negative-minded people who used to crib all the time. I asked her to stop staying with them all the rime. They had a negative effect on her. I also asked her to thank God for all the good things she had, to act happy and appreciate the simple things in life, and to think about positive things before starting her day.

I could not attend college for a family business for around a month. When I returned after a month, I saw a changed Asha. She came to me and told me that my words had changed her life completely. She then had a positive viewpoint. She was then always ready to look at positive side of things. No more did she stick to negative feelings, instead her new way of life harbored on finding out solutions to the problems she was facing.

Today, after so many years, we are still in contact and she tells her children about the way I had altered the way she thought.

The Messenger of a Renewed Life

Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar (www.lifeskillsathiqul.com) has brought about immense change in the way the young generation thinks. Ever since his college days, he took upon the responsibility to make a difference. His vision of filling the world with optimism made him train more than twenty five thousand students all over the world and in North East India. He also founded the prestigious Conant Institute in Assam, India as a mark of respect for life skills.

Positivity is an illumination. Wear the garb of optimism and open the door to lifelong success.

Conant Institute :

Building your Tomorrow Conant Institute is a complete training centre where stress is placed on comprehensive development of character and skill. Here, candidates are made to attend lessons in motivational training, personality development and career counselling based on academic qualification.

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