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your tomorrow

Positive Self-esteem Life Skill

Self-esteem is the sense of being aware that you are important and so are others. The way you think determines how you behave and feel. It also decides your treatment of others and others’ treatment of you. Self-esteem is the life skill which makes you competent enough to handle the challenges of life and staying happy.

It is significant as it helps you enjoy the nitty-gritty of life. You feel good about yourself. An optimistic approach towards everything assists you to develop enhanced self-esteem. For instance, when you make a mistake, instead of thinking that you are useless; why not consider your mistake as a human error?

Self-esteem learning techniques include opportunities to challenge negative thought process. It renders tools to alter existing set of beliefs. When you are aware of your strengths and capabilities, you can realize your goals and take control of your life.

There is, however, an interesting thing about self-esteem. It hardly has anything to do with actual talent. A professional with good talent can have low self-esteem. On the other hand, a professional with average or even low talent, can display high self-esteem.

Reasons for Low Self-esteem

There are several reasons for low self-esteem. A person can suffer from low self-esteem if she experiences a series of failures or is victimized by bad decisions. For instance, let us suppose that you have low confidence. Instead of working on it, you keep mixing with the wrong kind of people. The more powerless you feel, the more susceptible you get to the addiction of drugs. The drugs render a temporary feel-good effect and a boosted confidence level. This is, however, an external force and does not come from within you. Your addiction can lead you to have no self-esteem at all. While on one hand you become depressed to have become a victim of drugs, on the other hand you are in no position to leave it.

Points to Remember When You Suffer from Low Self-esteem

Your body and your looks are your own. The comments of others should not get at you.

Certain things cannot be changed. If anyone tries to make you feel down, it is her problem; you don’t have to feel low for it.

If you want to change your living standard and your outlook, you need to set objectives and strategies.

Talk to people, if necessary. Sometimes, ideas help you reach your goals. When you attain your goals, your self-esteem automatically rises.

When you see negative feedback coming in a series, find out ways to solve them. But, at the same time, keep thinking of positive things that can happen to you.

It does not hurt to compliment yourself. Appreciate your work and your beauty. Complement others and ask for compliments in a playful manner. But, remember not to crave for compliments.

Emphasize on the affirmative sides of life.

Make a scrapbook or album with pictures of all the good moments of life.

Speaking to Yourself

Internal dialogue plays a massive role in recuperating from low self-esteem. However, it should be positive in nature. You should think “I can do this work “or “I can do this correctly if I think I can”? This is far better than thinking, “I am a good for nothing” or “I will always stay a failure.” Initially, your optimistic side may take time to emerge, but with practice, you can build positive self-esteem.

Developing Yourself

By developing yourself, you can bring change in your life and the way you think.

Develop yourself emotionally.

Be in a healthy communication with peers, seniors and subordinates.

Rediscover dreams and hopes that you thought had been blown away

Realize the extent of pressure you have. Make your decision accordingly. Keep a wide array of choices.

Resolve problems you face, instead of wallowing in the misfortune.

Read on for a True Experience

Let me narrate an incident. I was in Tokyo to attend a life skill session. It was a weekend session. The receptionist at the conference hall was a very shy girl. She was very efficient at her work and was aware of all the routes to all the tourist destinations. What surprised me was that such an efficient girl lacked self-esteem. There were times when she behaved like her problems never mattered. Even though she was unwell, she kept working without asking for over-duty. She would always treat others as if they were God, but never speak a word if anyone insulted her. When I asked her why she never reacted or complained about the misbehavior meted out to her, she replied that she was being employed and paid for being well-behaved. However, she always looked sad because of the way she was treated.

She was a nice girl, but I realized that she needed to have positive self-esteem. I asked her to channel her energies to develop herself emotionally and try to find good things in every sphere of life. I told her that she should not feel bad if anyone tries to insult her without any reason. Some people just liked to demean others. She should feel happy and thus, stay positive.

The next year, I went to USA for a life skill session. A very confident looking girl approached me smiling. She reminded me of the day in Tokyo when I had spoken to her about self-esteem. I was surprised to see a massive change in the girl. She was beaming with confidence and had become outspoken. She told me that my words on positive self-esteem had inspired her to take interest in the subject and she was doing a thesis on it. She was attending the conference as part of her thesis and was waiting for my speech.

That was a wonderful moment of my life. A teacher always likes it when his students show them the due respect that he deserves.

The Physician of all Troubles

He has lent voice to silence, he has brightened the universe with his knowledge; he is Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar (www.lifeskillsathiqul.com), founder of Conant Institute. He has instilled positive self-esteem in the youth and made them look at the world with shining delight.

Look at life from a new angle. Harbor on the virtues of positive self-esteem and move ahead with self-assurance.

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