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Problem Solving Skill

Problem solving is the path that is paved by critical thinking abilities and it makes way for appropriate decision making. Problem solving training is rendered by imparting the importance of motivation, focusing and positive approach among students. The moment you start the training session, you realize the importance of problem solving capabilities. You also find maturity dawning on you.

Meaning of Problem Solving

Problem solving is a devise and a skill to find a solution to an issue and attain an objective. It is one of the important skills of life and can be implemented as long as you live. There are several phases in a particular problem solving circle.

When you have an objective it is natural to encounter issues. Whether you are in school, college, office or facing other phases of your life; hindrances arise whenever you try to attain a goal. These hindrances are faced with strategies that can assist in overcoming them and attain the objectives. The more problems you have to solve, the more pronounced skills you achieve and the more you prosper in career.

Features of Problem Solving

Problem solving becomes easy when you are motivated both internally and externally. How far you are ready to go in order to achieve a goal and what exactly you can do, defines the direction to which your problem solving skills can take you. The urge to solve problems comes from the attitude you show to solve it. This is internal motivation. The motivation that you receive from parents, friends and colleagues is referred to as external motivation.

A positive approach towards all issues is the first and foremost requirement to solve problems. You might face a situation in which you think that all problems have been heaped on you. In such situations, you have to be energetic and display a positive attitude. If you run away from the problem instead of facing it, you can never solve it.

If you are not aware of the potential you possess, find them.Sitting and doing nothing is not the most appropriate way to solve an issue. You have to think critically and creatively to discover your potential and find out ways of bringing out a solution to the problem.

Confidence of coming with something new is another name for problem solving.

Solving crises does not always mean that you have to follow the tried and tested methods. You may have to look for alternative avenues to find a solution. Work very hard to attain the goal and overcome all obstacles. If you lack confidence, you will not be able to come over a crisis situation. If necessary, take small steps rather than jumping to a sudden conclusion.

In the event you feel that the problem is overwhelming you, do not lose heart. See, whether the issue is really worth your attention or not. If it is not, there is hardly any need to spend energy or effort behind it.

Focus and realistic dreams are other important features of problem solving. Lack of focus and tendency to get distracted may take things

away from the intended track. In case you want to solve the problems you are facing, limit the extent of your dreams. After that you can perform well and strategically.

An Experience

Here is an incident from my early days as a soldier in the American army. It will help you realize the significance of problem solving and the different ways to attain your goal. I was new and was concentrating very hard on learning the various techniques of combat. The trainer was quite satisfied with my progress.

One day, I was wandering along the camps when a soldier who was recruited along with me looked very tired and morose. I remembered he was the same boy, who would often get scolded by the trainer for incompetence. On asking his problem, he replied that he did not understand any of the training curricula that were being followed. I told him that I too was new, but I was trying my best to understand the training that was being rendered. I asked him to follow a step-by-step procedure to understand the training methods. In fact, every day from that day onwards, I used to give him separate classes after my own training session was complete, so that he understood everything.

I made it a point not to overwhelm him with information. I asked him to keep an open mind and a positive approach. He listened to me and abided by the rules I laid down for him. I always motivated him and asked him to draw big dreams for the future. At the same time, I asked him to keep his dreams realistic. In course of time, our trainings were over and we were both felicitated.

Many years later, I was travelling to Australia to attend a convocation ceremony. While on the flight, the distinguished looking man sitting beside me suddenly asked if I had ever been to USA as a young man. On further conversation, I realized that it was the same young man I used to train at the army camp. He told me that my words about problem solving were still ringing in his ears. He also informed that those words had helped him to become the man that he was. He had worked hard and in a step-by-step manner, gone up the ladder to achieve a lucrative post in the U.S. Army.

He had retired and had settled in Australia. He forced me to accompany him to the place where he lives. To my surprise and utter delight, I found that he had hung a picture of the two of us in his study. He informed his family members of the impact I had on his life. That was indeed a very proud moment of my life.

The Man Who Solves the Puzzles for Others

Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar (www.lifeskillsathiqul.com) is a renowned name in the arena of problem solving training. He has changed the lives of numerous people throughout the world and also in North East India. Even when he was in the U.S., the seeds of launching Conant Institute in India were sowed in his mind. This man of letters has made the lives of several people easy.

Face crisis with renewed energy and a positive attitude. It is the magic spell for a promising career.

Conant Institute :

Building your Tomorrow Conant Institute is a complete training centre where stress is placed on comprehensive development of character and skill. Here, candidates are made to attend lessons in motivational training, personality development and career counselling based on academic qualification.

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