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Public Speaking Life Skill

Public speaking means communicating purposefully to a large audience. It is different from talking to a crowd in the manner that it is meant to entertain, influence or inform a group.

Public speaking has 5 elements. They are as follows.

Public speaking has 5 elements. They are as follows.

Who is providing the information?

What is the information?

Who are listening?

What is the medium of delivery?

What is the effect of the speech?

Public speaking may seem unnerving at the initial go, but it is very important in determining the extent of success you can attain in several things, such as growth of business, development of career as well as relationship with family and friends.

Importance of Public Speaking
# Increases your comfort level

When you are among many people, you can feel uncomfortable. You may be clueless regarding how to start the conversation. If you have the habit of speaking in public, feeling awkward is less likely to occur.

# Boosts self-confidence

Public speaking has the potential to improve your self-confidence. Your self-worth often depends on your own perception of what others think about you. This is not the right way to think, but it happens. When you speak publicly, your communication skills develop increasing your confidence level. This also means that you have a greater capacity of understanding the thought process of others and steer their thinking into the path that you want.

# Helps to convey your message to the masses

Getting your message across a large crowd is possible through public speaking.

# Helps in getting a job or selling something

Business owners and politicians are best benefitted by public speaking. If you are in a job and want to influence your seniors and peers, you can resort to public speaking. When you realize the techniques of conveying information to people, you can generate more sales.

Even when bagging a lucrative job, your ability to influence your interviewers is important. Public speaking helps when you have to deal with many interviewers sitting before you and asking various questions.

# Makes a difference

Every opportunity to speak is a chance to hone your leadership skills. You have to remember that your audience has left all their work to listen to your opinions. This very fact gives you an upper hand in making an impact.

When speaking, you have to keep in mind that information often gets modified in transit. In order to make a difference, your message must be properly conveyed from one person to another.

# You will have to do it

At some point in their lives or other, every individual has to speak in public. Always remember that every time you speak publicly, some one listens and judges you.

As a sales person, you might have to sell products or services, give a speech at an important event or give presentation at office. Irrespective of wherever you might be or whatever you might be doing as a living, public speaking has to be done at least once in a lifetime.

# Reveals your knowhow

It is true that most of you reading this are afraid to get up on the stage to reveal your knowledge. However, if you participate in public speaking, you are actually keeping yourself in the position of an expert. It is an opportunity to share your knowledge with everyone.

# Improves your knowledge base

Teaching is the best form of learning. The preparation that goes into teaching offers a hoard of information. Similarly, when you are getting ready for public speaking you are preparing yourself with information. This enhances your knowledge base and also gives an insight into ways of communicating effectively.

# Provides you with a band of supporters

When you stand on a stage and talk to the audience, you come across like-minded people. This way you can gather supporters. A group of people with the same set of beliefs forms a tribe. Won’t you feel great to have people around you who do everything possible to make you successful in your endeavor?

# Makes you unique

Most people avoid speaking up. Many people avoid speaking in public. The habit of public speaking makes you unique and people look up to you. As a good speaker your name can be on the next list for promotion.

Here is a Real Life Experience

During my early days as a tea estate assistant manager in Assam, India, I came across many people working in the tea garden. One of them was a boy named Bhupen. He was very quiet and shy. People used to bully him by committing errors and putting the blame on him. He was very well-behaved and docile. One day, I called him to my office and told him to protest when people bullied him. He did. After some days, some young men in the estate were accused of stealing a goat from a house. One of them was Bhupen. They were all sent to prison.

I went to the prison to meet him. Somehow, I could never believe that he could commit a crime. My gut feeling proved to be right. Bhupen told me that he and his friends had caught an influential man stealing tomatoes from a house. Bhupen’s friends had threatened to let the police know. This man was very influential. The next day, he concocted some wild story about a goat getting stolen and complained about these boys to the police.

I let the boys out on bail and asked Bhupen to organize a public gathering where he would speak the truth. He did exactly what I asked him to do and the actual culprit was punished. From that day onwards, Bhupen became the mouthpiece of deprived people in that area. I had left that job for United States. When I returned home some years later and went to the estate, I learnt that Bhupen had become the leader of the trade union and done a lot for the uplift of the garden employees.

The Torch Bearer of North East India

Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar (www.lifeskillsathiqul.com) founded the Conant Institute in Assam, India. He is a true leader who has influenced thousands all over the world to live an improved life. Inspired by his powerful words and guided by his effective training, more than twenty five thousand students have steered their courses to the path of success. Dr. Laskar is truly a gem of a person.

Be an enigma. Be a leader. Speak out loud and let the world hear your voice.

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