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Self-awareness Life Skill

When communication and interpersonal skills surrender themselves, self-awareness becomes the key to boost your career. It is the life breath that helps you become an empathetic individual and renders in you the qualities of an effective communicator. Self-awareness makes way for positive relations with colleagues and friends.

Meaning of Self-awareness

Self-awareness can be described as the capability in you to recognize yourself, your character, and your likes, dislikes, weaknesses and strengths. Self-awareness helps you realize whether you are going through depression or are under some kind of pressure.

Self-awareness helps you to react responsibly to various trying situations. It is the tool that makes you understand your own feelings as well tune into the feelings of others.

Let me make this point clear with an example

One day, I had taken out my daughter for a walk. She was a small kid of five years and her attitude did not betray the fact. For some reason she was very elated and was loudly singing along the winding road. At a distance, there was a roofless village school. When the school appeared closer, we noticed that a hoarding said ‘silence please.’ My daughter, who was walking few steps ahead of me in her elation, stopped and read the writing. She waited for me to reach her spot before confirming the actual meaning of it. I, then explained why the hoarding was placed there. She contemplated my words for some minutes and then went up to the teacher and apologized for her loud singing. Both the teacher and I were surprised to see such behavior in a small child. When the teacher came to me and praised my daughter’s attitude, my heart was filled with pride.

That small girl realized the disturbance that her loud singing might have created for the teacher and the students. Therefore, she had apologized and promised that she would never again talk or sing loudly when crossing an educational institution.

Here are some features of self-awareness

Self-awareness differs from person to person. Every person has her own private thoughts. These thoughts decide the extent of her self-awareness. There have been many saints who have tried to look inward through meditation. However, very few like the Buddha, have been able to attain total self-awareness.

It is the personal recognition of the inner functioning of one’s mind.

Self-awareness can be referred to as the core skill. It is a combination of social, coping and thinking skills.

It is considered the toughest skill of all the life skills.

Achieving self-awareness

Attaining self-awareness can be easy if you understand that no one understands yourself better than you do. When you face adverse situations and are embarrassed, you can learn about your deficiencies. It is necessary that you accept your personality and make required changes. When you are aware of your traits you are at a better position to rectify your mistakes and enhance interpersonal relations. It involves all faces of our character like, emotions, thoughts, dislikes, likes, weaknesses, strengths, fears, ambitions, priorities, values, desires, objectives, requirements and many more.

You have to love yourself and understand that you are a good human being. In order to have holistic self-awareness, you need to focus on a pair of aspects. The first aspect is the way you perceive yourself such as your capabilities, weaknesses, strengths and the other aspect is how others perceive you. Both the aspects render you a total picture about yourself.

You should recognize yourself in 3 Aspects. They are as follows.

# The actual self

This is what you truly are.

# The ideal self

This is what you like to be in a particular domain.

# The perceived self

This is the way we regard ourselves.

People suffer from lack of self-awareness because they cannot adjust the three selves. This mal-adjustment takes place because people do not accept themselves the way they are and do not love themselves. This approach leads to discontentment.

Gaining Self-awareness
# Self-talk

These are automatic thoughts that run through your mind all the time. They can be both affirmative and negative. Self-talk leads to the emergence of self-awareness.

# Self-control

Self-awareness leads to self control. When you are aware of your personality and desires, you try to tune into the desires of others. This often requires you to have control over yourself. For instance, even if you like to eat chocolates, you do not finish all of them at once because you learn that your cousins too like them. You practice self control and keep your hands off the chocolates.

# Self-image

The way you perceive yourself is self-image. This very self-image helps you in becoming aware of your personality. It is important because how you act depends whether you perceive yourself in a positive or negative light.

# Purpose

Your purpose in life creates the path for your self-awareness. Your objectives in regard to friendship, family, hobbies, career and interests are features that make you aware of yourself.

# Personality

Personality is the characteristic thought process that makes you what you are. You have to understand your emotions and behavior to recognize your personality. This understanding underlines the style in which you interact with both social and physical surroundings. When you are aware of your nature, you can easily improve yourself.

The Following Dimensions Constitute Self-awareness

# Self-knowledge

This is the procedure by which you explore yourselves. This understanding caters to 3 important areas. They are knowledge about your own body, knowledge about your attitude to the society (whether you are an introvert or extrovert, sympathetic or cruel, helpful or selfish) and knowledge about your aspirations, dreams, goals, fears and secrets.

# Self-realization

This is the aspect of self-awareness where you realize who and what you are. At this stage you realize the importance of your existence in this world.

The Luminary behind the Self-awareness of Teeming Millions

The man who has pledged to change the world for good, Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar (www.lifeskillsathiqul.com) has conducted many sessions where he has urged his students to be aware of their likes, dislikes, fears, strengths, emotions and objectives. He has trained over twenty five thousand students across the seas and in North East India. He founded the Conant Institute in India and wants the young generation to be equipped with the life skill of self-awareness.

Be aware of yourself and grasp the benefits of a flourishing life ahead.

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