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Stress Life Skill

Coping with stress is an ability to resist negative feelings. It is the tool, which enhances the possibility of meeting your objectives. Once you learn the techniques of handling stress, you can find life sailing smoothly. The training of coping with stress renders you supremacy over depression and low feeling.

Meaning of Stress

Stress is the reaction of your body to events, people and to your thought process. It is a very common occurrence and is experienced by everyone. People are usually stressed before an examination or a stage performance.

However, there is an interesting feature about stress. It varies from one individual to another. A factor that stresses you might be relaxing to your teammate. Excessive stress can be both physically and mentally harmful for you. When stress keeps occurring periodically, it takes a toll on academic performance, professional excellence and self-esteem. As a result, you get trapped in a vicious circle of self-blame and self-accusation.

The most effective way to reduce stress is to recognize the moment when stress levels build up. While stress is often considered the outcome of external occurrences, the happenings themselves might not be stressful. It is the way you react that builds stress.

Types of Stress Signals

Stress signals can be divided into 4 types.

# Thoughts

Stress leads to thoughts that create difficulty in reaching decisions and in concentrating. It leads to self-criticism, fear to fail in whatever you do, lack of memory, thinking about the same things again and again plus worrying about the future.

# Behavior

The behavioral signal of stress falls into speaking problems, stammering, impulsive actions, crying for no reason, laughing nervously, lethargy to talk to anyone, grinding teeth, shouting at loved ones, an increased tendency to smoke and clenching jaw. Some people want to eat a lot, while others have decreased willingness to eat when stressed. Drug abuse and alcoholic tendency are other signals of a stressed out lifestyle.

# Feelings

When you are stressed, you may undergo feelings like, exasperation, nervousness, discomfiture, sulkiness and fright.

# Physical symptoms

Physical symptoms are characterized by sweaty or cold hands, stiff muscles, backache, neck problems, headache, ache in abdomen, sleep disorder, vulnerability to infections, quick breathing, exhaustion, dry mouth and trembling.

Managing Stress

It is important to fight stress in all spheres of life. Negative stress can be managed in the following ways.

# Speak out

Express yourself when you find stress levels building up. If feelings are confined, they can lead to stress. By sharing your issues, you can let a friend, family member or colleague help you out. When you speak to others, your mind is cleared of any confusion and you can solve the problem you are facing. You might feel uncomfortable when seeking help from another person, but asking for help in the early stages can avoid getting into a bigger mess in later stage. You can also write down your feelings and thoughts; this helps in giving a new outlook.

# Take deep breath

Rapid breathing is a signal that you are stressed. The more quickly you breathe, the more stressed you become. Take slow breaths through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. When breathing in, inhale enough oxygen in order that your lower abdomen rises and falls.

# Be careful about bodily relief

Try to be as comfortable as possible. If it is very hot, wear light colored cotton dresses. Go to a place that makes you comfortable and is not that hot. Do not let discomfiture turn into a major issue.

Drinking too much of caffeinated beverages, smoking and eating fast food has a negative impact on the body. You should eat healthy and sleep enough to think in a positive way.

# Allow yourself breaks

You have to understand that you are stressed. Take breaks to relax. When you find the scenario getting difficult to handle, take a walk to clear your mind. However, not all circumstances provide you the comfort to run away. At such times, embed your mind with an imaginary place that soothes you. Close your eyes and observe the details of the place of your dream. The pleasant atmosphere should include sound, scent and overall feel of the place.

# Laugh as much as you can

Laughter is good for health. Studies have proved that while smiling uses only seventeen muscles of your body, frowning utilizes forty-three body muscles. If you keep your sense of humor intact and share some jokes with friends and family, you can lead a stress-free life. You should have the capability to laugh at yourself.

# Physical activity

The more movement you indulge in, the easier it is to ward off stress. Whenever you feel anger, depression or tension getting the better of you, do some physical exercises. Find out something you enjoy doing and do that on a daily basis. Dancing, walking, jogging, stretching, etc are some examples of physical exercises. Cooking, playing with kids, gardening, writing poems, etc help in relaxing.

# Draw a line

Do not try to solve a problem that does not bother you. Ask yourself if the problem you are trying to solve at all bothers you. If yes, think if you can resolve it now. If it cannot be resolved now, do not think about it till you start working on solving it.

# Schedule your time

Your schedule should be planned from before. It should include recess time. Try not to take care of everything at a go. This approach is overwhelming and you may be left with a sense of failure. Instead, you should have a list that includes the things you must do. As you finish each task, check them off.

The Magical Man

Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar (www.lifeskillsathiqul.com) has influenced youth all over the world and North East India to live a renewed life. The Conant Institute in Assam is the result of his constructive ideas. He has impacted the lives of more than twenty five thousand students. His training sessions are meant to invigorate the young population with positive feelings. Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar diffuses the magic that can comfortably ward off stress.

Fight stress and get rid of all negative feelings hampering your progress.

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