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Time Management Skill

Time Management is an integral part of life skills training. The key aspect of time management is first thing first. You need to do what is required and ignore what is not needed. You should, however, work with full diligence.

The busy atmosphere of twenty first century has gifted everyone with a tight schedule, work pressure and an avalanche of family pressure. It is important that you draw a time table to manage all the activities on a daily basis. You can take this approach only when you realize that effective time management is significant to enhance your potential.

Meaning of Time Management

The procedure of time management involves exercising conscious control over the time spent on certain actions. It is generally done to enhance productivity.

For every person money and material are important things. Whether an entrepreneur, a politician or a common man; the importance of the above mentioned resources is realized by all. They all face the problem of unlimited demand of resources and limited supply. Whatever work you do, you have the need to get all resources and get your work done in a given time period. So, you have to use time properly, so that you can enjoy the benefits of the work effectively. You should be efficient enough to manage time with ease. Every task you do involves immense work pressure. You need to condition the pressure.

Importance of Time

You have to tailor your work in a way that you can manage time and can complete the task. However, at the same time you should not reject anything that might be fruitful to your productivity. Good time management does not mean leaving out important things. It involves leaving no stone unturned. Even though time is of greater significance than any other things, it is often dropped by people in lieu of money. Money is no doubt an integral part of success, but, time has the power to overcome the influence of money. If you can make correct use of time, you can earn money. Manage time to tailor things around you. Every lapse of time you save, you gain span of time for improving performance and effectively attain your goal.

Planning leads to Effective Time Management

Planning is pre-requisite to all tasks, actions, testing and analysis. Any job requires a plan. It should contain time duration and you should update the plan regularly. It can be a weekly, monthly or yearly plan.

Implementation of Planning

The work that you do as per the prior planning is its implementation. The work can be minor or major.

Monitoring and Controlling

You have to ensure proper implementation of the plans taken. You should see to it that every task is done in the proper way.

It is natural to feel well when you realize that the work you did was good. However, it is equally easy to think that some of the things you did were a waste of time. Your attitude to work determines how much you are going to progress and how much effort you are going to put. Time management teaches you to assess the improvement you have made.

Measurement of Time
# 1st Stage

Estimate the time required to do a task. Maintain a log book to calculate the time spent to do a task.

# 2nd Stage

Create a to-do list that has the things you would do and break down the entire time-span into small durations as per the intensity of work. The to-do list gives a clear picture of what you are intending to do throughout the day. It is important to get this picture before you set out to work.

Time Management Needs SMART Objectives
# Specific (S)

If the objectives are specific, audience can have a better understanding of the goal you want to reach.

# Measurable (M)

The objectives should be measureable, so that you can assess how far they have been achieved.

# Achievable (A)

You have to understand whether you have the capability to attain the goals you have set for yourself and your team. If the resources you have are inexperienced and their standard of presentation is low, you cannot achieve the objective. If the people are experienced and have a good idea about the presentation they are giving, the goal is achievable.

# Realistic (R)

The attainment of the objective depends to a great extent on the time. If you have less time at your disposal, you may be aiming for an unrealistic objective.

# Time-specific (T)

If you are in the training period, it is the timing of the course. If the training is supposed to get over by a month, you have to realize the objectives by then.

When does Time Management become most Important?)

When you cannot locate papers and information easily

When you permit easy entry of chaos in work.

When you encounter conflicting deadlines and are late as well as unprepared for meetings.

When there is lack of priority and you wok in a mess.

When the records you maintain are not adequate.

Let me Elaborate Time Management through an Example

I had gone to Mexico to attend a life skills conference. There I met a girl who led a very haphazard lifestyle. She could not keep her things properly and was always unprepared for meetings. I told her to maintain a time log. She did and finally could arrange her work. After the conference was over, she told me that no one before me had inspired her to utilize time the way I had. She went on to say that the manner in which I had guided her helped her arrange her daily activities in a meticulous way.

The Illumination of Independence

When you think of punctuality, you think of Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar (www.lifeskillsathiqul.com). He wants his students to manage their time skilfully and emerge as successful individuals. His words of efficiently living life have acted as powerful tools throughout the world and in North East India. The Conant Institute in North East India was set up by this harbinger of life skills training.

Manage time with efficiency. It has paramount role in a life with meaning.

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