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About Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar

Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar is a phenomenal motivational speaker. He has gathered laurels in more than ten countries and has been an expert in life skills for the past forty four years. As a life skills trainer he has changed the lives of more than twenty five thousand people all over the world, especially in north eastern India.
As part of his training method he focuses on social, spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. An enigmatic speaker, he imparts life skills knowledge like, Critical thinking, Time Management, Anger Management, Self awareness, effective communication skill, etc.

The Boy with Twinkling Eyes More than fifty years ago, there lived in Shillong a boy with twinkling eyes. Eyes that spoke of a far reaching dream. Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar had an ambition to cross the hurdle of the stereotypical experience – education, job, marriage, children, bringing them up, retiring, grow old and finally pass on. But, he was not meant for all these things. He had a higher calling - a calling to make a difference.

A Modest Man with Multiple Skills
Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar was always keen to learn After graduating from North Eastern Hill University, Shillong he went to USA to pursue Masters Degree. His passion for knowledge far exceeded the obstructions he faced. Not satisfied with his post graduation degree in creative writing, he went on to complete a thesis about mountain climbers. His hunger for knowledge did not stop at academic excellence. He joined Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling, India and climbed twenty seven peaks of the Himalayas. He has done courses in tourism, public relations and computer technology.

In an interview he once stated, “I always wanted to create a sensation wherever I went.” He was always eager to try different things and accepted the importance of hard work. This approach has earned him a lot of recognition in this short span of life. After a two year stint as an assistant tea manager in a tea estate in Assam, India he went over to USA.

In USA, he joined the army. This was only the beginning of a life lived with purpose. The young man who started as a specialist in the U.S army went on to become a NATO Commander of the Holland Sector. Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar (www.lifeskillsathiqul.com) has been part of US Army in Turkey, Japan, Holland, Germany, Belgium, and South Korea. Thanks to his dedication and love for work, he has always found himself in the thick of activities while in the army. His vast treasure of qualifications made him a representative of the US Army in several ceremonies.

This luminary has rendered more than 3000 lectures on soft skills and life skills. A visiting faculty at the Indian Institute of Management and IICM, he used to be a faculty member at Bergen County Community College, Paramus, New Jersey, USA. Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar is a global communication consultant instilling the importance of communication among his students. He is the renowned founder of Conant institute, Assam, India.

He is the recipient of five prestigious American Army Awards, one German Army Award and Bravery Award for Grenada-American Conflict at South Caribbean Sea. He also won the Bharatiya Vikaas Rattan Award, New Delhi.

Starting from being a social activist who has worked in close proximity with Mother Teresa to authoring books like The Sensation Seeking Tendency in Mountain Climbers and Emerging Issues of Youth he has tried it all.

For Dr. Athiqul H. Lascar, no work is small or big. It is the effort and the result that matters more than the outward appearance.

Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar believes in the US Armed Forces motto - Be what you are. His life is a specimen of what a person with determination and focus can achieve. Attain his lectures to boost your performance.


Conant Institute :

Building your Tomorrow Conant Institute is a complete training centre where stress is placed on comprehensive development of character and skill. Here, candidates are made to attend lessons in motivational training, personality development and career counselling based on academic qualification.

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