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Anger Management Life Skill

Anger is an expression of emotions. It is featured by both internal and external alterations in you. External expressions are those that are visible by people around you, such as posture change and facial expressions. On the other hand, internal changes refer to change in blood pressure, increased breathing rate, dry mouth and sweating.

Meaning of Anger

Anger is a strong way of expressing your displeasure and antagonism towards a particular circumstance, individual or a thing. This emotion sometimes comes with a willingness to harm. It is an amalgamation of behavior, thoughts and feelings.

Things that Make You Angry

Anger is often manifested because of past experience and age. Studies have proved that people of older age tend to get angrier than people of younger age. Again, if you have to face something, which had once given a sour experience, you can become angry. For example, your teacher as a child for answering a friend’s query scolded you. In your mind, you know that you had not initiated the conversation, but repeated requests to the teacher for not punishing you fell flat. Since you were small, you could not protest. Now, after many years, if you see anyone being scolded for no reason, you get angry.

There are, however, other factors like, the social group you are associated with, physical state, mental state and the activities that pre-occupy your mind. You can be called a mentally healthy person, only if you can control your emotions and do not get carried away by them.

Expressing Anger

Anger is manifested in many forms. Yelling, crying, blaming others, keeping silent or arguing are specimens of anger. Different people react in different ways. Expressing anger is an essential part of life. Bottled up emotions tend to burst out at undesirable places leading to damage in relationships

Anger Management Techniques

Anger management does not indicate anger suppression. It means that you have to realize the factors that trigger anger. You also need to express yourself in a cool and collected way.

# Sleep

When you have a sound sleep, you can take on mental, physical and emotional issues easily. Nurturing healthy sleeping habits makes you capable of combating anger because your body and mind get rest. Doctors ask patients to sleep for at least 7 hours. You may sometimes need to increase your sleeping time than this.

# Stay fit

Adrenaline and cortisol are the two hormones released by your body when you are angry. The same hormones are released when you are stressed and trying to find a way out of danger. These hormones are released automatically and are useful when you are trying to save yourself from a life-threatening situation. However, in today’s life of comfort, such circumstances are a rarity.

When you exercise on a regular basis, your body gets the power to monitor the levels of adrenaline and cortisol in a more appropriate manner. Physically fit people are gifted with more levels of endorphins. Endorphins are a type of hormones that have a feel-good effect on your mind, thus, making you less angry.

# Solutions

Finding out what makes you angry in the first place is definitely helpful in controlling anger, but resolving the problems so that they don’t arise in future is more important.

# Difficult conversations

If you are afraid of a conversation that can leave you all angry and furious, try to control the situation in hand. You should be prepared with what you have to say, so that you do not get distracted from your conversation. Be calm, yet assertive.

# Don’t keep grudges

You have to accept the fact that every individual in this world is different. Thus, holding grudges about the behaviors, beliefs and feelings of others is not fruitful. Be realistic and accept people the way they are. If you cannot accept them the way they are, you will get angry.

# Use good humor

Using sarcastic words when you are angry is easy. However, it is not desirable and can give rise to further fury. You can try to introduce good humor. You can make fun of yourself and make the tense atmosphere light.

# Choose your time for a particular conversation

When you are stressed or distracted, try to stay away from conversations that have the potential to anger you. A mind filled with other worries has great capability to give rise to anger.

A Specimen

As an anger management expert, I travel far and wide to inspire people. While on my way to Mexico, I met a constantly bickering couple. I noticed that neither the husband nor the wife was interested to stop their argument. It seemed that both thought the other to be a fool. I could not help asking the husband sitting beside me what was wrong. He told me that he was already in a lot of tension regarding his current job and his wife was constantly coming up with new demands. I asked if his wife knew about his problem. When he replied with a negative answer, I told him to inform her about it, but in a collected way. He was afraid that his wife would react very badly. I asked him to choose a suitable time, make her sit beside him and tell her that he has some very important news to deliver. He should also ask her to think deeply before making any decision. He took my cell number and promised to call me back if any developments took place.

The next week I received a call from an unknown number. I answered the phone and it was the man whom I met on my way to Mexico. He told me that he had informed his wife the way I had asked him to. She kept her cool and listened carefully to what he said. She had promised to be by his side and help him out of the situation. He was very happy that his wife had not shouted at him. He said he had understood that anger is often promoted when certain conversations are not made at the right time and when people do not understand the perspectives of others, and do not try to find a solution to their problems.

God in Human Garb

Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar (www.lifeskillsathiqul.com), founder of Conant Institute and Lifeskillsathiqul.com in India is considered a God by those whose lives he has touched. He has inspired over twenty five thousand students to live a flourishing life. His quest for improving the lives of millions is still on. Have a bright future ahead. Lead a successful life.

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