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your tomorrow

Conant Foundation

image"Faith can move mountains." If you have faith in yourself, you can conquer the world. This is the crux of Conant Foundation whose expertise lies in organizing events, adventure activities, professional field trainings and conducting global and national tours successfully. This motivation to excel is provided through our esteemed speaker Dr. Laskar presentations and speeches. Dr. Laskar is the last word in motivational speaking and soft skills training. His expertise in making inspirational and stimulating presentations is unparalleled and it can help you get the much-needed impetus to deliver your best in everything you do.

Event Management

imageManaging an event is a job in itself. There are umpteen responsibilities and considerations which have to be taken care of simultaneously. However, with us in the picture, you do not have to worry about anything. We are adept at organizing entertaining and winning events that serve your purpose effectively. We leave no stone unturned in making your event a grand success and an affair to remember. We spearhead the whole proceedings from start to finish allowing you to focus on other intricate matters.

Dr. Laskar active participation makes your event highly interesting and engaging. Being a phenomenal rejuvenator and motivator, he can turn the event into a confidence-building exercise. Your members will realize the value of teamwork and combined effort thanks to Dr. Laskar stirring presentation. It will empower their mind and invigorate their spirit thereby making the event a roaring success.

Adventure Activities

imageConant Foundation can organize adventure activities for your group that promise unadulterated fun and excitement. Adventures are always exciting and thrilling. They have the ability to rejuvenate one’s spirit and give you an opportunity to break free from the monotony of routine life. We make sure there’s never a dull moment in our adventure activities. They are peppered with the right doses of thrill, suspense and entertainment.

 imageApart from the revelry and fun, adventure activities also bring people together and foster camaraderie, spirit de corps and brotherhood. This is reiterated by our very own Dr.Laskar speeches which encourage everyone present to be a part of the fun. It is very natural for some people to develop cold feet and back out at the last minute from an adventure sport. However, with Dr. Laskar around, such concerns can be put to rest. His stories are so inspiring and uplifting that everyone will be eager to join and display their brave side.

image We also organize professional field trainings that are a great way of building skills and personality. Dr. Laskar personally makes sure everyone participates in it through his encouraging presentation.

Global and National Tours

imageConant Foundation conducts tours both nationally and globally. Outings are always desirable since they provide a much-needed respite from the daily grind of professional life.  The smallest team of students or group for study tour or pleasure tour could be as big as two biggest of  twenty. We organize comfortable and luxurious tours that refresh your mind and uplift your spirit. Moreover, Dr. Laskar involvement makes the tour fulfilling and enriching for you since you come back a transformed and positive person. Because Dr. Laskar has traveled the world more than 26 times around the globe.

Our services extend to other activities too in this field including PR jobs and others. Thus, you can benefit in numerous ways if you associate with Conant groups.


Conant Institute :

Building your Tomorrow Conant Institute is a complete training centre where stress is placed on comprehensive development of character and skill. Here, candidates are made to attend lessons in motivational training, personality development and career counselling based on academic qualification.

Please contact: GLOBAL COUNSELLING & CONSULTING CENTRE" for students of all schools, colleges, and other academic centers"

Contact Dr. Athiqul H Laskar
Mobile - 09435342486