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Conant Disadvantaged Women Educational Organization (CDWED)

imageWelcome to Conant Institute! Conant institute is a leading institution providing motivational training, soft skill training, personality grooming, stress management, development of leadership qualities, overall development of positive attitude, life skills, communication skills, basic education etc. Renowned motivational trainer Dr Athiqul Laskar is the founder of this state of the art Conant Institute. Dr Laskar , (MSc, PhD) is a retired American Army Officer and a former NATO commander of Holland sector).  Dr Laskar is a renowned scholar and has won several awards. We are proud to have Dr Laskar with us. Dr Laskar is a well known author, a strong motivator, scholar and of Social and Academic Guidance Consultant.  

 The Conant Institute has several wings dealing with personality grooming, motivational training, soft skill training, basic education, social service, workshops etc. Another division of Conant Institute is the Conant Disadvantaged Women Educational Organization (CDWED). This wing caters to the basic education needs of disadvantaged and underprivileged women.

Our Beliefs regarding Women's Education :

imageWe believe that education is a fundamental right of all. Without the light of education life is dark for humanity. It is our duty to educate the poor, needy, deprived and underprivileged. The poor and needy and specially the underprivileged women often remain illiterate or undereducated. Many people cannot even afford the education related expenses such as costs of books, school fees, travel costs etc. In several tribal regions and villages there are no schools or teachers. In some strictly patriarchal societies education is often denied to girls and women. CDWED has been making continuous efforts to spread the light of education and learning amidst these deprived, underprivileged women.   

imageEducation makes life beautiful and worth living. Education makes life more fulfilling and easier for women and girls. When women and girls are educated they can enjoy multiple benefits. A combination of basic education and appropriate vocational training can lead to emancipation and progress for underprivileged women. Educated women can lift themselves away from poverty and can seek some form of employment. Education improves the social status of women and grants them some decision making powers. Educated women would be able to resist gender discrimination and social injustice. They would be able to protest against tortures and abuse and would become aware of their rights. A working woman would be able to support her children and lessen the household poverty. We are already aware of the proverb that says ‘one who rocks the cradle rules the world’. Educated women would also be able to teach their children. Thus the overall literacy rate would also increase due to progress in women’s education.   

imageAlso there are several practical benefits of women’s education. When educated, the deprived women would be able to read and write. With vocational training, they would become qualified to work and earn too. They would be able to count and measure and calculate financial expenses. Shopping, visiting doctors, buying medicines, counting money etc would become easier for these poor, deprived women once they receive basic education.   

Services by CDWED :

Conant Institute’s CDWED wing provides the following facilities to train and educate the underprivileged women and girls: 

  • CDWED provides basic education to women and girls free of cost  
  • Provides free lunch, books, writing pads, pens, charts etc
  • Flexible timings for classes 
  • Provides basic education to women and girls irrespective of age, class, caste, religion, region etc
  • Organizes classes, academic sessions, workshops, makeshift schools etc
  • Provides basic education along with vocational training to the underprivileged women
  • Apart from basic education, trainings in art, handicrafts, sewing etc are also provided
  • Motivational training and training in life skills are provided to the underprivileged women to boost their confidence and capabilities   

Conant Institute :

Building your Tomorrow Conant Institute is a complete training centre where stress is placed on comprehensive development of character and skill. Here, candidates are made to attend lessons in motivational training, personality development and career counselling based on academic qualification.

Please contact: GLOBAL COUNSELLING & CONSULTING CENTRE" for students of all schools, colleges, and other academic centers"

Contact Dr. Athiqul H Laskar
Mobile - 09435342486