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your tomorrow

Critical Thinking Life Skill

Critical thinking is that boat of life skills which has the power to carry all the other core life skills. It helps to manage time, have control over stress & emotions, empathize with people in trying situations, etc. With new and ever-changing face of challenges, critical thinking training has evolved in feature. By involving students in critical situations and asking them to make decisions, provide group presentation, participate in problem solving and analyzing games the art of critical thinking can be instilled in them. Comparison, classification and planning are the helping hands of a critical thinking training session. From the very first day, you can realize a positive change taking place in you.

The Meaning of Critical Thinking

The mental procedure that helps an individual to analyze information and evaluate whether it is right or wrong is referred to as critical thinking. It is the basis of rational thought; therefore, it is also called logical or analytical thinking. Critical thinking is the process of using mental fraternity to question practiced norms and seek alternatives. Attain a critical thinking training and you will be equipped with the capability of solving problems at the core and make strategic decisions on the basis of evidence. Questioning information and situations render a power which helps you to inspire your subordinates and colleagues. You can motivate others to take a different path, to achieve the result they want to get, show them the right way to something, etc. A professional may be behaving in an erratic way because of peer pressure. Thanks to critical thinking, you can assess the factors that lead to a certain behavior or situation.

A Gush of Fresh Air

You must have faced situations when everything goes wrong and for some strange reason you are blamed for everything. Whatever you say or do is taken in the wrong way. It feels claustrophobic and you look for a way to prove your innocence. Does it not feel relieving when someone tries to understand your plight and insists that others understand it too? This person becomes a messiah in your eyes because he or she tried to think in a rational way. This is the blessing of critical thinking.

Critical Thinking as a Means to an End

Just the term ‘critical’ does not mean that the approach is negative. Why think in a reactive manner when we know that it can lead to indiscipline and prejudices. Critical thinking is the bridge that connects creative thinking to positive thought process and results in solution of problems. In depth thought process, clarity, relevance and logic are used to gather information to come up with a scientifically sound and logical judgment. Would it not feel good if, after a conflict people praise your capability to think rationally? Will it not soothe your heart to resolve a problem faced by your friends?

Have an Open Mind

Open up your mind and you can look at things from varied angles. Critical thinking teaches you to possess intercultural and interpersonal flexibility of mind. When you have a broad mind you can accept the cultural practices of various ethnicities and accept people the way they are.

No matter who says what, you should go on with your logical approach and reach a conclusion that suits your scientific mind. If you are scared about the repercussions of your attitude, you should take strength from the saying:

Never ignore your abilities!

Boost up your self-confidence and belief and conquer your fears!

When you take this approach, nothing on earth or in heaven can stop you from perceiving things in a scientific way and bringing the desired change.

Critical Thinking is a Path to Go Far in Life

Critical thinking helps you in articulating thoughts properly before coming to a conclusion. When you don’t have evidence that assists in decision making, you don’t jump at undesired conclusions. If you ask me, I would tell you that critical thinking helps in going far in life.

With the devise called critical thinking, you can develop your own personality. As I have told many of my students, this core life skill gives birth to persistence and excellence.

Critical Thinking in Children

When speaking about the pros of critical thinking, I was reminded of an incident that took place when I was serving the United States Army in Japan. I was on my way to the local market when I saw two little girls. They were waiting for their third playmate to join and wondering when she would turn up. I shopped for about half an hour.

On my way home, I noticed that the girls were still sitting there. However, this time one of them looked agitated and the other was trying to pacify her. The first girl was very annoyed because the third player had not turned up. The second girl was trying to think out possible reasons that could have checked the arrival of the third friend. She came up with reasons like ill health, accidents at home, studies and sudden arrival of a guest. While her partner was sure that the girl had joined some other group, she was urging the former not to reach sudden conclusions. She insisted that since there was lack of evidence, they should not think in a negative way.

I was surprised to hear such matured words coming out of the mouth of such a little girl. What could have been her age - hardly ten or twelve? This very approach towards the issue was her capability to think critically.

Critical Thinking in Adults

This was just a small child’s thinking. Imagine what can happen if a matured individual resorts to critical thinking. One such incident occurred on the same trip to Japan. This is however, a little different from the last incident.

One of my colleagues used to wonder how he would afford the expense of his sister’s marriage. He was from a very poor background. He was the only brother of six sisters. Old parents and six kid sisters - I am talking of a period when girls from poor background were married off at an early age. Education and jobs were a gift stored for the lucky few. He spent several sleepless nights. There was a time when I and my colleagues got worried about him. He seemed depressed and de-motivated. I used to notice that he kept only that part of the salary that he required and sent back the rest of it to his father. While the rest of us would spend our spare time buying things for ourselves and for our families, he would lead the most austere life. He used to devote most of his spare time reading books. After our stint in Japan ended we all went on our different ways. Years passed and the things of the past became mere stories.

Technology had developed a lot by then. Social networking sites were being introduced. I too became a part of this network. One day, I saw a friend request and the stories of the past became reality once more. On renewed contact I learnt that after he left Japan and returned home he enrolled in college. When he passed, he made sure that all his sisters got education. Today, they are all well established and settled in life.

On further query he told me that when in Japan, he used to think of ways to fight poverty. He kept thinking till the time he hit upon a thin sliver of solution. He realized the importance of saving money, so he sent most of home most of his salary. He also realized that he had to devote more time to studies if he had to move ahead in life. His incessant thinking on positive terms opened a route for him which helped him get established in life. This was critical thinking. By analyzing, evaluating and anticipating the future that lay ahead; he went forward to realize his ambition. If he had not analyzed his situation, he would not have been able to anticipate the costs he would incur or the steps he should take.

The Visionary with an Aim to Change the World for Good

Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar (www.lifeskillsathiqul.com) is an epitome of positive change. He is a motivational speaker who has trained more than twenty five students in America, Europe, Australia and various Asian nations. When he was in USA, he was inspired by the idea of launching an institute that could motivate the coming generations to lead a progressive life. A counselor in leading schools and colleges, he has a vision to bring about uplift of human society.

Take control of your thought process and proceed in life with the all enveloping effect of critical thinking.

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