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your tomorrow

Dr.Athiqul H. Laskar, Ph.D.,

Retired US Army officer & former NATO Commander

Ecstasy Enclave,
Flat 21, Lakhminagar Path,
Dispur, Gawahati 781 006
Assam, India

Conant Institute, Chairman,
Raheeqs Building
Laitumikhrah, Shillong 793 003,

Mobile: (+91) 94353 42486

Personal goal

Professionally trained in 14 Segments and expertise in personality development with soft skills, life skills, counselling young minds, especially North East Indian students, corporate teams and sales force of corporate business and help them in Sculpting Their Future


  • Work Experience
  • Education & Qualifications
  • Other educational soft skills
  • Professional Training
  • Other Skills
  • Interests/Activities/Positions of Responsibility
  • References

Work Experience

( 1976 - 1997 ) United States Army Service & NATO Commander

    • Specialist Four, United States Army, posted in Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Honourable Discharge.
    • Military occupation service: Served in Logistic, Surveillance, training of junior officer in jungle warfare, tanks, logistics, and field training, & Community soft skills trainings, motivational trainings, survival trainings, service consultant. Been a member of Grenada war in 1983.
    • NATO Commander, (Neighmagan, Holland Sector), Europe, Recipient of US Army Shadow box from former President Clinton, and US PRESIDENT G.W.Bush, the NATO Banner Award
    • Ambassador of Good Will: Represented United States Army to the German Community, trained and delivered regular lectures to Europe civilian communities in several countries in Europe for people-army relations.
    • Represented United States of America in German commendation award.
    • Honoured with Special Commendation Award for ammo US Army transfer from strategic points to points.
    • Honoured with Special NATO Award for Holland - US Army good will relations.

( 1993 - 1997 ) Professor

    • Have been a part of the faculty of sports psychology and communication at Bergen County Community College, Paramus, New Jersey, USA.
    • Paterson Community college, New Jersey, USA, 1993-1996.
    • Have given lectures on Indian philosophy at Rosa L. Parks School of Fine and Performing Arts, Paterson, New Jersey, 1997, USA.
    • Over 3,000, Lecture presentations on Soft skill and Life skill in USA & Canada since 1993 till date.

( 1970 - 1991 ) Social Service activities (Worked with Late Mother Teresa)

    • Have worked with the late Noble Laureate Mother Teresa on humanitarian projects in Leper colony at Nongpoh, Shillong, India, 1975-1981.
    • Have travelled with Mother Theresa in Rangoon, Myanmar, Katmandu and Nepal.
    • Have been the Rotaractor of the year at Rotary club of Shillong Walkathon for Presbyterian Hospital, Shillong, India, 1972.
    • Have been the Director of International Service, Rotaract Club of Shillong, India.
    • Have climbed 27 peaks in Himalayan ranges.
    • Have conducted social service summer camps in Europe, America, and Canada for the American Army.

( 1969 - 1993 ) Allied Sports activities (Mountaineering expeditions to Himalayas)

    • Have climbed 27 peaks of the Himalayas, including Koktang peak (24166 ft.).
    • Have founded Kansas University Mountaineering Association.
    • Have founded The Shillong Alpine Club ( affiliated to International Mountaineering Foundation).
    • Have led three mountaineering expeditions to the Himalayas.
    • Have spoken on my experiences of the Himalayas in schools and colleges around USA, CANADA, EUROPE and AUSTRALIA, and many cities in India between 1981-93

( 1991 - Present ) Books authored and published in America

    • Pritivir Manchitrot Assam, (An autobiography), (Assam in the World Map). These are being published in series by Assamya Reporter Magazine, Gawahati.
    • My Dear Pixy, American Publisher - Writers Club Press. Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, 2001.
    • Jokes They Told Me, Part I American Publisher - Writers Club Press, Lincoln, Nebraska, 2001.
    • Jokes They Told Me, Part II American Publisher - Writers Club Press, Lincoln, Nebraska, 2002.
    • The Sensation Seeking Tendency in Mountain Climbers, American Publisher - Writers Club Press, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, 2000. This book has been adopted as text book in some universities in America and Europe. http://www.angusrobertson.com.au/by/athiqul-h-laskar/737759/
    • Freelance editorials outworker and articles for Indian and International Newspapers for last 30 years .
    • Emerging Issues of Youth - to be released on 14th November 2011 by RGNIYD 14 Nov 2011.
    • Several Spiritual Books to my credit nationally and internationally.

( 2001 - Present ) Films Produced (Cultural)

    • Produced and starred in Crescend - From Assam with Love, a cultural film released at the Toronto international Assamese Cultural Festival, 2001.
    • Sat sagorer He parorore
    • La Magic (A Children mental magic Productions)

( 1976 - Present ) Papers published (Freelance)

    1. Brain Drain
    2. Communication and the Police
    3. Empathy in police force
    4. Global warming
    5. Time zone and the NE
    6. Understanding depression
    7. Time management
    8. Stress management
    9. Sports psychology
    10. Book fair
    11. Internal motivation
    12. Parenting adolescent
    13. Separate time zone
    14. Human tragedy
    15. Youth empowerment - education and academic excellence

( 1997 - Present ) Soft Skill and Life Skill Trainer for academic institutions and corporate giants in USA and India

    • Have trained over 20,000 students on soft skill and life skill around the world including India, USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Australia.
    • Have been a part of the faculty of sports psychology and communication at Bergen County Community College, Paramus, New Jersey, USA. And at Paterson Community college in New Jersey, USA. 1993-1996.
    • Have spoken at the Indian Parliament on Human Environment and Understanding, 1972.
    • Have spoken on Indian philosophy at Rosa L. Parks School of Fine and Performing Arts, Paterson, New Jersey, 1997, USA.
    • Delivered over 4,000, lectures on Soft skill and Life skill in India, USA & Canada since 1993.

Sports Car Sales Manager, New Jersey, USA. Ford Mazda, New Jersey.

    • List of responsibilities and skills include techniques of salesmanship training and motivation lectures.
    • Have trained floor managers in sports car show rooms in USA.

Education & Qualifications

( 1966 - 1974 ) XII St.Anthony’s High School, Shillong, India   1966
( 1980 - 1983 ) BA North Eastern Hill University, Shillong Journalism and Public Relations 1974
( 1998 - 2002 ) M.Sc. Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA sports psychology and health education.
Thesis: Sensation Seeking Tendency in Mountain Climbers.
( 1983 - 1991 ) P.G. Pacific Western University, Honolulu, Hawaii campus, USA Communication with emphasis on Creative Writing 2002

( 1983 - 1991 ) Other educational soft skills & trainings - India and the USA

    • Courses done at Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling, India,1968-1072
    • Climbed 27 peaks in the Himalayan ranges.
    • North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, India, 1976 (Tourism)
    • North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, India, 1977 (Public Relations)
    • Micro Training Technologies, Fairfield, New Jersey, USA, 1995
    • Rets Institute, Nutley, New Jersey, USA, 1996 (Computer Technology)

(2001 - Present ) Professional Training

Trained more than 500 academic institutions and corporate giants around the world, in Professional Soft skills and Life skills courses

Course Titles include:
    • Attitude
    • Mindset
    • Motivations
    • Time Management
    • Depression Management
    • Public speaking - Stand N Deliver
    • Stress management
    • Anger management
    • Sales techniques including many other life skills.

Other Skills

( 1991 - Present ) Counselling services in

    • Sports Psychology
    • Career building & planning
    • Student guidance
    • Drug and Alcohol related problems (US Army)
    • Student learning disability matters
    • Suicidal tendency related matters
    • Study Technique (Assam)
    • Depression matter
    • Public Speaking skills (Darwin College)
    • Mountaineering planning and budgeting, (HMI Darjeeling)
    • Travel plans
    • Higher study plans
    • Currently counselling workshops in the North-eastern India in capacity building among communities, and RGNIYD, NYD India.
    • Counselling workshops in professional educational among underprivileged youth of the north-east of India.
    • Communication
    • Family relations

( 1975 - Present ) National and International Awards received

    • Lifetime achievement feature, The Unsung Assamese, published 26th Jan, 2002, The Assam Tribune
    • Special Commendation Award for mountain climbing from India's Army Chief, Field Marshal SHFJ General Manekshaw.
    • Special Silver Ice Axe from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling, India
    • Rotaractor of the Year 1975-76, Shillong, India
    • Awarded the Rotary International Fellowship Scholarship to study at the University of Kansas 1982
    • Best director for the play Master's Love for his Servant, 26th July, 1970
    • Recognized by the State of New Jersey Military Wing for meritorious service in America's Granada invasion, 1983
    • Bronze Medal of Honour from German Army under NATO Forces for outstanding services and representation of U.S. Army in Germany
    • Recipient of International Awards of US Royal Equestrian
    • German Army Lanyard Medal
    • Meritorious Grenada award
    • US Girls Soccer Pep-Talk award
    • US Army Sharp Shooter Medal
    • Writers club award
    • International cultural exchanges
    • Film productions (Produced three cultural films for Toronto Film festivals and won prizes.
    • Work as US army ambassadors around the world between army and European civilian populations
    • Creative writing skills
    • Founded Mountaineering clubs in many US Universities and guided two American student mountaineering expeditions to Himalayas. (India and Nepal).

Interests/Activities/Positions of Responsibility

( 2000 - Present ) Current status as trainer

    • Trained officers of Assam Police in soft skills
    • Writing a research paper for Assam Police
    • Training students on Life Skills and Parenting on regular workshops at RAJIV GANDIHI NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF YOUTH DEVELOPMENT, Ministry of Youth affairs and sports, Chennai, India.
    • Training Engineers and staff of SHARVA SHIKSHA ABIJAAN MISSION in soft skills and life skills.
    • Consulting on communication, family problems, personality development, for NEHU, NSS, LOCAL COLLEGES, UNIVERSITIES, etc.
    • Guest lecturer at many local colleges


Name Designation Place Tel. Email


Dr.R K Nair Faculty Head Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Youth Development, Government of India, Chennai. 09380533439 nair.dr@gmail.com More on request


Dr. R J Solomon Professor of Psychology Mumbai College, Mumbai. 09869569762 rjsolomon@gmail.com More on request
NB: All communications may please be addressed to my emails IDs

Conant Institute :

Building your Tomorrow Conant Institute is a complete training centre where stress is placed on comprehensive development of character and skill. Here, candidates are made to attend lessons in motivational training, personality development and career counselling based on academic qualification.

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