Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar,

Sports Psychologist, Motivator and Global Communication Consultant, Trainer of Trainers of Life Skills, Soft Skills.Retired American Army Officer, & Former NATO Commander (Holland Sector), Europe.

Present status: Dual citizen of India and USA


Professional goalTop

To train and prepare youth and corporate force to face the challenge of today’s competitive world: Leadership, Motivation, Counselling, Soft skills, Life Skills and professional direction.

Work experience Top

(1976-91) United States Army service & former NATO Commander

  • Specialist US Army – posted in Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Holland, Belgium, Germany and many other locations in Europe – with Honourable discharge.
  • Military Occupation Served: Logistics; surveillance, Training of officers in juggle warfare, tanks manoeuvre, field training, European community soft skills, motivational trainings, service consultant.
  • Member of American conflict in Grenada operations in south Caribbean seas 1983.
  • NATO Commander, (Neighmagan, Holland) in Europe.
  • Recipient of US Army Shadow box and NATO Banner at a White House ceremony in Washington. DC.
  • Represented U.S.A in German Commendation award during NATO service.
  • Honoured with Special Commendation Award for Ammo transfer from strategic points in Europe.
  • Honoured with Special NATO Award for Holland – US Army good will relations.
  • Ambassador of Good Will: Represented United States Army in German Community. Trained and delivered regular lectures to European civilian communities on army base locations for good relations between people and army.
Professor (1991-97)Top
  • Additional professor (faculty) of sports psychology at Bergen County College, Paramus, New Jersey, USA.
  • Paterson Community College, New Jersey, USA.
  • Delivered lecture on Indian philosophy at Rosa L. Parks School of Fine Arts, Paterson, New Jersey, USA (1997).
  • Over 4000 lectures delivered in USA, Canada, and India on soft skills.
Social Service with Mother TeresaTop
  • Accomplished Several Humanitarian projects in India (Nongpoh)
  • Conducted a number of social service youth camps in America and Europe for the army.

Mountaineering Ice-crafting SportsTop

1 Climbed 27 peaks of the Himalayas including Koktang (24,166 ft) Indian Himalayas
2 Founded several Mountaineering clubs and associations in America and India including Kansas University Mountaineering Association in KU Campas, Kansas, USA and Shillong Alpine Club, Shillong, India. (All affiliated to International Mountaineering Foundation, USA).
3 Led three expeditions to the Himalayas. (1970) Indian Himalayas.
4 Delivered lectures and authored many writings and a book on my mountaineering experience in America, Europe, Australia and India India and America

Books Authored and published in America and India (1991-present)Top

1 Emerging Issues of Youth – Sunburg Publishing House, New Delhi, India
2 My Dear Pixy – Published by Writer’s Club Press, Licoln, Nebaraska, USA, 2001
3 Jokes They Told Me – By Published by Writer’s Club Press, Licoln, Nebaraska, USA, 2002
4 Jokes They Told Me - Published by Writer’s Club Press, Licoln, Nebaraska, USA, 2001
5 Sensation Seeking Tendency – Published by Writer’s Club Press, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, 2000.
6 Few other spiritual books in USA and India. (2000-12)

New Postings Top

IIM training to Judges Nainital
Tezpur University
Jharkhan University
All India Life skills, Tribandrum Kerala, Chairman kerala
TEDx Shillong UTM, IMM
Profile IN IIM KHASIPUR   http://www.iimkashipur.ac.in/en/academic/centers-of-excellence/public-policy-government/team

Cultural Films produced and starred (2001-to Present)Top

# Name
1 Crescendo – From Assam with Love
2 Sat Sagorer He parore
3 La Magic (Children Magic Film production)

Soft skills and life skills; Trained students of
following institutions and USA: (1997-Present)Top

# Name of the Institution Location
1 Guwahati Commerce College Guwahati
2 Manipur University Canchipur, Manipur 2010
3 Manipur University Canchipur, Manipur 2011
4 Manipur University Canchipur, Manipur 2011
5 Manipur University Canchipur, Manipur 2012
6 Manipur University Canchipur, Manipur 2013
7 All India NSS Mega camp Central Jharkhand University, Ranchi 2013
8 Tezpur University Tezpur, Assam
9 Nehru Yaho Kendra (NYK) Regular basis from 2001 – to date
10 National Service Scheme Regular basis from 2001- to date1
11 The Assam Tea Plantation Provident Fund Guwahati, 7/2/2013
12 Darrang College, Tezpur 31/5/2013
13 Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Government of India Sriperumbudur, regular basis from 2009 to current
14 Assam Youth Festival, Guwahati Guwahati, 31/1/2013
15 State NSS Cell, Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar, regular basis from 2009 to current
16 Guwahati Refinery, Noonmati, Guwahati, 23/1/2013
17 Darwin School of Business, Public Speaking Art. Guwahati, Regular basis
18 Director of Addl. Director General, Assam Police, Ulubari, Guwahati 25/2/2009 (Police training) as a principal trainer
19 Chandrapur H. School, Chandrapur Guwahati suburb, 6/5/2008
20 Peace Centre, Guwahati Club, Guwahati Regular basis from 2009
21 AB Satribari Christian Hospital, Guwahati 12/1/2011
22 Parijat Academy, Pamohi, Garchuk Regular basis, from 2010 - 2011
23 Rotaract Club of Guwahati Regular basis
24 Maharishi Vidya Mandir, (New Delhi) Code No.230043. Lalmati, Guwahati, 22/7/2009
25 National Integration Camp, Shilpgram, Panjabari, Guwahati 21/5/2009
26 IDB Scholarship Programme in India, Hojai 15/2/2008
27 Central IT College, Guwahati 6/2/06
28 Guwahati Commerce College, Guwahati Regular basis (10/2/09)
29 Handique Girls College, Guwahati, 4/6/11
30 Phoenix Properties Ltd. Karimgong 18/6/2011
31 NAPS College of Technology and Management 8/9/2008
32 Assam Siksha Academy, Guwahati 20/9/11
33 International RYLA Camp, Malda Malda, 9/11/2011
34 British High Commission New Delhi for Training workshop Resource Person 6-16/2/2012
35 K.C. Das Commerce College, Guwahati, 27/3/12
36 Assam Kung-Fu Federation, Guwahati, 1/4/2012
37 Indo-Global Social Service Society, Guwahati 21/3/2011
38 Peace Centre, Guwahati, Regular basis
39 Little Flower School, Guwahati, 2011
40 Gurukul Grammar School, Guwahati June/2013
41 DBI,(Don Bosco Institute), Guwahati Regular basis from 2008-current
42 Saigaon College, Saigaon, Assam 2013
43 I.H. School. Shillong 2009
44 St. Anthony’s H. School 2009

Delivered lectures on motivation and leadership at following
High Profiled professional institutions (1987 to Present)Top

# Name of the Academic centre Location
1 Indian Institute of Mining on Motivation Kanke, Jharkhand May-2013
2 Indian Institute of Management, Motivation and other life skills Kashipur, UP, India
3 Indian Institute of Management, Shillong Offered job but refused due to personal circumstances.
4 Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan on Motivation Guwahati
5 Guwahati Polytechnic College on Motivation Guwahati
6 NSS, Agartala Tripura 6/6/2011
7 Indian Army, Tezpur, Itanagar May/2013
8 Sainik School, Imphal Manipur 2012

Papers authored and published (Freelance) Top

# Name of the Award Location
1 Vulnerability of the Northeast to Seismic Hazard Published
2 Chances of Obama’s re-election Published
3 Behavioural Changes of Students in higher educational institutions: Issues and Trends Published
4 Water Hurdles for Guwahati’s Urban Conglomerate Published
5 Guwahati and Efficient Waste Management 16/6/12 (NOT SENT YET) Published
6 India Awaits Its Thirteen President; Renewed Hope for NE Published
7 London Olympic and India’s Expectation Published
8 Depression and Suicidal Tendencies: A Rising Problem Amongst NE Students Published
9 Ray of Hope for Northeast and Tribal Population with Purno Sangma’s Expected Presidential Win Published
10 The Total Absence of the Dowry Menace in Northeast India Published
11 Self Motivation is the Key to Development for the Northeast People in India Published
12 Can NE Players Bring Olympics Gold? A Sports Psychologist’s View Published
13 India Owes Its Independence Also to Some Noteworthy Northeast Freedom Fighters Published
14 Life Skills Education in NE Published
15 Disturbances in the Northeast and Its Adverse Effects on Public Life Published
16 The Youth of Northeast India Needs to Objectively Review Their Lifestyle Choices for a More Secure Existence Published
17 Pension Woes Faced by the Retired Population of the Northeast Published
18 An Empathetic Police can Ensure Wholehearted Public Support in the Northeast Published
19 The Need to Tackle the Growing Problem of Illegal Immigration in Northeast India Published
20 Creating a Better Future for Northeast Women through Suitable Empowerment Published
21 Adventure Training Programs in Northeast India – A More Effective Mode of Learning for the Youth Published
22 The Youth of India in Direct Contrast with the Youth Published
23 Why the Indian Youth Lags Behind When Compared to Their European Counterparts Published
24 Obama’s Win and its Impact on Indian Economy as well as NE Insurgency Published
25 India is Still the Best Place to get Medical Treatment Both in Terms of Quality and Cost Published
26 Youth Entrepreneurship and North-East Published
27 US School Shooting - Juvenile Crime and Its Dangers Published
28 How Many More Women Needs to Get Raped for the Authorities to Take Action? Published
29 India’s Neglected North-East: A Hub of Unrest and Agitation Published
30 How Can We Live Longer Published
31 The Recent Delhi-Rape Case Exposes the Ugly Truth of India Once Again Published
32 America – a Rape Hub Published
33 How Does the Average Male React to the Growing Independence of Women? Published
34 Assam Youth Festival - A ray of Hope for Northeast Published
35 Life Skill Education with Focus on Developing Leadership Qualities among Youths in North Eastern States of India Published
36 Unending Turmoil in North-East India and its Stressful Effect on its Inhabitants Published
37 The Need for North East Professionals to have a more Resolute Attitude towards Professionalism Published
38 The Importance of a Library is Paramount in Northeast post Matric Hostels Published
39 Two Italian Marines Deported to India for Killing Indian Fishermen Published
40 The Need to Make Northeast Absolutely Free of Conflicts Published
41 Renewable Energy Crisis in North East Published
42 The Need for Concerted Efforts across Educational and Corporate Levels in North East to Enhance Interpersonal Relationship Skills Published
43 Training in Motivation and Other Life Skills for High School Teachers in North East India Published
44 Forest Management in Northeast India: Problems and Solutions Published
45 Guwahati Metro as a Viable Solution to the Plight of Regular Commuters Published
46 Hijab in NE Muslim Women and Empowerment of Womenfolk through Conscious Measures Published
47 Climate in North East India and Ways to Combat its Harmful Effects Published
48 Inspiring NRIs to Invest in NE for Sustained and Balanced Economic Development Published
49 Importance of Developing Eco-Tourism in North East India Published
50 Brain Drain Published
51 Communication and the Police Published
52 Empathy in Police Force Published
53 Global Warming Published
54 Understanding Depression Published
55 Time Management Published
56 Stress Management Published
57 Sports Psychology Published
58 Book Fair Published
59 Internal Motivation Published
60 Parenting Adolescent Published
61 Separate Time Zone Published
62 Human Tragedy Published
63 Youth Empowerment - Education and Academic Excellence Published
64 Time Zone and the NE Published

Education and Qualifications:Top

Session Institution Qualification Subject Year
1956 St. Anthony’s H. School High school Lib Art and science 1966
1967 North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, INDIA BA Journalism 1974
1975-83 University of Kansas, Lawrence campus, USA M.Sc. (Taught and studied) Sports Psychology Thesis: Sensation seeking tendency among Mountain climbers. 1983
1983-2001 Pacific Western University, Honolulu, Hawaii ,USA Ph.D. Communication with emphasis on creative writing 2002

Other qualifications: India and US (1983-2003)Top

# Institution Qualification Courses
1 North Eastern Hill University Diploma Tourism
2 North Eastern Hill University Diploma Public Relation
3 Fairfield School, New Jersey, USA Diploma Computer
4 Rats School, New Jersey, USA Diploma Computer Tech.
5 Army Logistic and Kitchen Administration Diploma AIT Fort Lee, Virginia, USA
6 Kansas University, ROTC, USA Diploma Army Dynamics
7 Modern School of Head Start on Modern German Language. Frankfurt, Germany Diploma German Language

Globally trained more than 500 academic and corporate,
institutions in soft skills and life skills courses. (1983-2003)Top

# ILocation Topics Feedback
1 USA Leadership, Attitude, Mindset, Motivation, Time Management, Depression, Public Speaki8ng, Stress Management, Anger Management, Sales Technique and other skills. 100%
2 India Leadership, Attitude, Mindset, Motivation, Time Management, Depression, Public Speaki8ng, Stress Management, Anger Management, Sales Technique and other skills 100%
3 Canada Leadership, Attitude, Mindset, Motivation, Time Management, Depression, Public Speaking, Stress Management, Anger Management, Sales Technique and other skills 100%
4 Germany Leadership, Attitude, Mindset, Motivation, Time Management, Depression, Public Speaking, Stress Management, Anger Management, Sales Technique and other skills 100%
5 Holland Leadership, Attitude, Mindset, Motivation, Time Management, Depression, Public Speaking, Stress Management, Anger Management, Sales Technique and other skills 100%

Academic Counselling and Consultation service offered (1991-Present)
This include services to following institutions on regular basis. Top

# Name of the Academic centre Location
1 Delhi Public School (Day and boarder students in trouble) Guwahati, regular basis (2012 to current.
2 Gurukul Gramar School Guwahati,
3 Tezpur University Tezpur.
4 Other private Institutions International organizations USA, Europe and India.

Achievement Awards: National and International (1983-1997) Top

# Name of the Award Location
1 Life Time Achievement Feature – The Unsung Assamese Guwahati
2 Mountaineering Commendation Award – Silver Ice Axe India’s Army Chief – Darjeeling
3 Rotaractor of the Year Award Shillong
4 International Rotary Scholarship to study at the University of Kansas, Kansas, USA USA
5 Best director of Play – Master’s Love for His Servant Shillong
6 Meritorious Combat Medal from the State of New Jersey, Grenada American Conflict in South Caribbean Sea. USA
7 Bronze medal honour by German Government as NATO Commander Germany
8 Royal Equestrian award USA
9 Lanyard Award – German Army Germany
10 US Girls Soccer pep talk award USA
11 US Army Sharp Shooter Medal USA
12 Bharatiya Vikas Ratan Award, New Delhi India

Interests/Activities/Positions of Responsibilities (2000 – present)Top

# Name of the Award Location
1 Trained Officers of Assam Police in soft skills Assam
2 Writing research papers for different organisations India/USA
3 Freelancing for different Newspaper editorials India
4 Training the trainers (TOT) and youth group on life skills and soft skills on leadership roles India
5 Regularly counselling students of Delhi Public schools, India
6 Training Engineers of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Guwahati India