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Coping with Emotions Life Skill

Emotion is the pen that carves our activities. It can be described as the drive and the vitality of the energy in life. Our lives are ruled by emotions. Emotional coping strategies help you face life with ease and dexterity.

Meaning of Emotions

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, emotion is accompanied by behavioral and physiological alterations in the body.

We like to do activities that incite our emotions. Our decisions are based on our emotions, such as anger, sadness, frustration, boredom and happiness. Emotion is thus a mental reaction, which manifests itself in the mind of an individual in the form of a strong feeling.

Importance of Expressing Emotions

It is important to express emotions for both mental and physical well-being. Research has proved that when you keep your emotion to yourself and do not express them, you can suffer from physical troubles. Sadness and inability to express oneself on time often lead to physical ailments like, body aches, change in weight as well as mental crises like, irritability, anger, lack of concentration and even sleeping problems. It is thus, important that you know how to cope with emotions.

Coping with Emotions

Coping with emotions is all about the capability to speak or express the way one is feeling. It is a life skill that leads to a healthy and prosperous life. Coping with emotions include the following.

Understand the impact of emotions on perception.

Realize the effect of emotions on behavior and assess its influence on others.

Understand the role of physiological or bodily changes behind the emergence of emotions.

Emotions, thus, create responses in the brain called feelings. These feelings are caused by

Physical changes in the body that include expressions of the face

Chemical changes in the brain

Types of Emotions

The above-mentioned changes bring about a response, which can either be affirmative or negative.

# Positive Emotions

These emotions like, joy and love make you feel good. They are responsible for broadening your perspective. It is like the accelerator of a car that gives it renewed speed.

# Negative Emotions

Guilt and anger are negative emotions that can make you feel bad. They often narrow down your perspective.

Benefits of Negative Emotions

Negative emotions often alert you of impending problems and infuse the urge to learn new things. They motivate and inform you. However, they are helpful only to the extent that you know how to utilize them as a tool. Or else, they have the capability to immobilize.

For instance, you can get angry with a person and shout at her. This can have two effects. Either the person you address gets all the more angry, or realizes that his or her behavior towards you was not right. As a result, she changes her behavior to something more acceptable.

But, make sure that anger does not get the better of you. In that case it does not remain helpful for a long time. People with excessive anger tend to suffer from high blood pressure and heart related problems.

It can thus, be said that coping with emotions is a significant life skill because it helps you to lead a balanced life.

Benefits of Coping with Emotions at Workplace

When you are at workplace it is normal to have issues with different types of people. Not everyone thinks the way you do and not every colleague is of your type.

You can express your feelings in a productive way when you cope with emotions.

When you know how to cope with emotions, you can confront a person respectfully if you feel that he or she is offending you. When you respectfully confront a person’s behavior you don’t hurt his or her self-esteem.

You can clearly tell the other person how much you have been affected by either his or her behavior. You can communicate difficult feelings in a manner that does not make the other person defensive.

You can communicate in a way that compels the other person to listen.

Larger Implication of Coping with Emotions

World peace

Better conflict negotiating skills

Improved relationships in all spheres of life, especially professional life

Prevalence of justice

Reduction in crime rate

Increased self-esteem

Better problem solving capabilities

Enhanced capability to control impulse

Increased efficiency to handle anxiety

Let’s Explain with an Example

Once I was riding an auto to home. A woman with a little baby boarded the same auto. The baby appeared cranky because of the sultry weather. It kept crying. The man sitting beside me suddenly shouted at the woman telling her that she had no right to carry an irritating baby in office hours and annoy people around her.

The woman at first went speechless. Like me, she too was astounded at the man’s insensitivity. As a mother it was natural for her to get angry or feel bad at the way the man had spoken to her about her child. But, then she came up with a wonderfully smart answer.

Instead of shouting back at the man and creating chaos, she coolly asked the man if he was ok. Now, it was the man’s turn to go speechless. I was happy that the woman had taken a different course to handle the attitude of the man. She then replied that she was taking the child to the doctor as it was not doing well and the doctor had given her an appointment at the office hour. The man was still in a grumpy mood and asked the woman if she was mad to ask him if he was ok, when it was her child who needed medical attention. The woman smiled and said that the heat of the summer must have taken a toll on the man’s thinking power. So, if he wants he can accompany her to the clinic. The woman coped with negative emotion in a wonderful way, her wit and presence of mind made me laugh.

The Angel Who Enlightens

If there is anyone on this mighty earth who can enlighten the world with a comprehensive life skills training, it is Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar (www.lifeskillsathiqul.com). Rigorous training and moving speeches are his tools for coping with emotions. As the creator of Conant Institute and lifeskillsathiqul.com this multi-talented man is indeed an angel who has the wand of eternal knowledge.

Live life your way and encounter the tangles of emotions.

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