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your tomorrow

Global Consultancy

imageGlobal consultancy is a bridge that connects your aspirations to your future. We provide consultancy service for higher education and a prosperous career. We do a thorough study of your potential and financial abilities before choosing the most fitting institute in the world. Higher education involves the investment of a huge amount of time and effort because it requires making the right decision for your future. We help you realize your personality, desires and instill confidence in you. We open up choices for your benefit.

By identifying aspirations, goals and values we provide solutions for an enhanced educational experience. Most of the colleges and institutes conduct rigorous interviews and aptitude tests. We provide thorough training to our students, so that they do not face any problem while sitting for the aptitude test. Holding mock tests and interactive sessions are our most favored techniques.

What We Do?

We motivate youngsters to bring out the best in them and help them understand the full potential in them. The students are prepared in such a way that they can crack any exam to any institute, be it for academic or professional course.

Our consultants take the time to realize your requirements by understanding where you want to see yourself in future.

We spot errors in your performance and help you with the improvements you should being about.

Our consultant experts do not tell you what to do, but act as catalysts to assist in your growth.

We offer nothing but the best suggestions to those who approach us. Your academic goals are answered when you get the opportunity to study in a renowned university abroad.

Our Strengths

image The consultancy team is headed by Athiqul H. Laskar (www.lifeskillsathiqul.com). He is a luminary who has founded the Conant Institute in Assam, India. If you visit any of the Seven Sister States in India, his name is seen shining like the pole star. The youth of this region respect this man of letters for the positive change he has brought about in the lifestyle and perception of the natives.
Our global communication consultants are experienced and well-learned. They understand the requirements of the students and parents. We believe in offering high end service to both students and educational institutes. The student oriented approach followed by us gives the former all opportunities to make reasonable decisions.

Our Mission

As one of the leading educational consultancies of India, it is our mission to put forth proper planning for higher education. It is necessary for students to realize the path they are choosing. Higher education paves the way for a successful future. Our comprehensive training method prepares the students to face any type of entrance aptitude test.

Facts about Us

We boast of highly experienced counselors who help students bag a seat in renowned national and international institutes. The consultants are connoisseurs in their respective fields. They have themselves, sustained large-scale training programs. Our tutors use the most updated versions of teaching.

Our seminars equip the students with an ability to deal with international education system.

There is a comprehensive library from where students can borrow study materials. Besides the required course materials, the library has study question booklets, tutorials, CDs and videos.

Training Methods

image Our syllabus is designed at par with the altering curriculum and styles of the tests. The classroom sessions are interactive and fun-filled. This kind of atmosphere boosts your sense of competition, resulting in improved results. The students are offered feedback immediately after their errors are identified. We train in such a way that the students can focus on their studies.

The classrooms contain video and audio tools. In case, you miss a class or want to revise specific topics, go through the session at the computer laboratory anytime you desire. You can go through the difficult classes and topics as many times as you want.

Group coaching sessions, mentoring, workshops, motivational presentations and one-on-one sessions are other techniques used by our expert trainers and consultants. These methodologies give rise to analytical and critical thinking.

Our professional accent trainers help candidates communicate in a way that is useful in today’s academic world.

Our counseling is done according to your choice of career and aptitude.

One-on-one Counseling

One of the most unique styles followed by us is the one-on-one counseling. We believe that individual attention to students should be handled separately. This helps in guiding the students in an appropriate manner. Each and every student has his or her own distinct thought process, aspirations, apprehensions, etc. Handling all students together in the same way does not address the choice of each student.

To comprehend the requirements of every student, the one-on-one approach is very constructive. It assists in guiding students to the right direction. We try to get an insight into the innermost fears and hopes you possess through confidential sessions.

International standards of one-on-one approach are followed, so that you can comfortably reveal your thoughts. The students are hand-held and continuously counseled throughout the procedure. Starting from admission criteria to expectations of the admission committee and merit scale, the students are made aware of all types of information.

We believe in reaching the highest benchmark of education. This is why we implement dependable psychometric assessment to help students choose a career path best for him or her. We assist students in their plan of action, so that they can choose a path that is bound to prove prosperous.

Reputation and trust is built over time and we do not compromise on it. We promote brilliance in the arena of education and over the years have become the one of the most respected and active organizations in this field. The referral of former students is proof that when we speak about professionalism and quality, we do not resort to light talk. Our global consultancy tries its level best to prepare you completely for a course of your choice in order that you might never have to look behind. We deliver the most ideal service, so that success touches your feet.

Conant Institute :

Building your Tomorrow Conant Institute is a complete training centre where stress is placed on comprehensive development of character and skill. Here, candidates are made to attend lessons in motivational training, personality development and career counselling based on academic qualification.

Please contact: GLOBAL COUNSELLING & CONSULTING CENTRE" for students of all schools, colleges, and other academic centers"

Contact Dr. Athiqul H Laskar
Mobile - 09435342486