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Sports Psychology

A strong and prosperous country is the manifestation of a healthy, energetic and fit population. The modern version of training in sports psychology involves instilling love for native games. From the very first session, you recognize a change in your perspective. India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. This very fact is proof that there are several sports in the country.

Meaning of Sports Psychology

Sports psychology is the study of the impact of psychology on performance and the influence of psychology on athletic performance and physical activities.

Games in India

India is a nation where traditional and modern ways of living go hand-in-hand. The same goes for sports as well. India has made a mark in different kinds of sports. While on one hand, there is love for the regal game of cricket, there is also interest in indigenous games like ‘gilli-danda,’ ‘kho-kho,’ ‘kabaddi,’ archery, wrestling, ‘judo,’ etc. Indoor games include ‘pachees’ and playing cards. Other popular games among young people are marbles and ‘pithu.’

There are various types of sports played in India. They are volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis, football, baseball, hockey, etc. I don’t suppose, cricket needs to be mentioned separately because it is the most cherished game in the country. In fact, India has won several tournaments and also the Cricket World Cup more than once.

Facts about some Popular Games

Let us go through some of the popular games of the country.

  • This game involves seven players in a team who try to throw the ball into a net basket high above.
  • Each game is played between two teams.
  • The ball is first dribbled and then thrown in the basket.
  • Players of each team try to take the ball from their opponents.
  • In this game played between two teams, each team has 11 players.
  • The ball is kicked by foot and is not touched by hand unless the game reaches a specific point such as the motion of ‘head, ’where the player has to hold the ball before hitting it with the head.
  • Weightlifting needs a person to be very strong and very fit.
  • The player has to lift heavy weights and the person who can lift the heaviest weight and hold it the longest, is the winner.
  • In the game of rugby, each team has ten players.
  • The players cannot kick the ball, unlike in football. They have to hold the ball and run towards the goalpost of the opponent team.
  • Very good runners are recruited in the teams because they have to save the ball, so that players from the opponent team cannot snatch it away.
  • If you have very strong legs, you can become an athlete. It is a race that requires you to run very fast in order that you can leave the others behind and win.
  • Players do not perform in a team in this game.
  • Like football, cricket too is played between two teams, each having eleven players.
  • The team which wins a match automatically qualifies to the next level.
Key Purpose of Sports and Games

The main purpose of engaging in physical activities and sports is to keep the mind and body fresh. Why do you think every coming generation is physically weaker than their past generation? The answer is simple. It is the lack of physical activities that is leading to such a large number of youth feeling weak and unenergetic.

Pressure of studies and competition has trapped today’s youth within the four walls of home and school. No wonder, diseases like diabetes, vision problems, etc are on the rise.

Origin of Martial Arts- Kalarippayat

It is said that Kerala in South India is the place of origin of modern version of martial arts. The proponents of Kalarippayat are the guardians of martial arts. Martial art is a combination of yoga, dhanur-veda (Indian art of warfare) and ayur-veda (Indian science of medicine).

There is a belief that kung-fu originated when a monk called Bodhidharma travelled to China from India around 500 A.D. Bodhidharma is famously known as Ta Mo in China.

Drowning Interest of Youth in Native Games

Modern India has been observed to be more aligned to cricket. I am not saying that you should not play cricket, but the indigenous games of the country should also gain focus. Winning a Cricket World Cup is good, but it is not the ultimate victory.

Reasons for Losing in Sports Events

As far as the Olympic Games are concerned, success has not really touched India. There are several reasons for the failure of Indian players to prove themselves in the field of sports.

  • The sportspersons in India lack professionalism.
  • Of course, they cannot be blamed entirely because the infrastructure in the country does not support the survival of games other than cricket. Other games do not receive much sponsor.
  • There is a lot of politics in the arena of sports.
How can India make a Difference in Sports?

India can succeed in supports by taking the following measures.

  • They need to adopt a killer instinct.
  • Indian sportspersons should have strong team spirit.
  • Schools and colleges should provide enough scope to students with a knack in sports.
  • Girls should be allowed to play.
  • Coaches should be engaged with better remuneration
  • Talented sportspersons should be identified and provided complete support to prepare themselves.
  • The sports heads of our country should encourage more and more youth to come up with their capabilities.
  • The ancient games of the nation should not be ignored.
  • The government should develop institutions to train people interested in sports.
He Who has Done it All

Dr. Athiqul H. Laskar (www.lifeskillsathiqul.com) is a learned man who believes in spreading knowledge in all parts of the world and especially North East India. He has been in the army and has also taught students in several places. He has footprint in adventurous activities by participating in safaris and mountaineering expeditions. He has founded the Conant institute in Assam, India. This man of many qualities has trained over twenty five thousand students all over the world.

Conant Institute :

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